I juggle books and code like nobody’s business

Here’s the thing…

I love books and I love to code. Sometimes I love one more than the other, but this constantly flip flops back and forth. In winter my blog might be 90% books, then in summer it might be 90% code. That’s just the way it is.

If you’re going to be following my blog, you need to be cool with both.

Hey, I’m Ashley


I’m a 28 year old American girl living in England. You see, I fell in love with this guy who has a hot, British accent. You know what I’m talking about, ladies. It just sounds so dreamy. So I left my life in sunny California, ran away to the land of clouds and rain, and married the love of my life.

I started designing and coding when I was about 12 and playing Neopets. I created awesome “pet pages” for my Neopets. I had a snazzy collection of “Lookup of the Week CHAMPION” and “Site Spotlight CHAMPION” trophies. I was pretty awesome.

Now, I’m a badass WordPress developer—the kind that actually does sit around all day in yoga pants. I build themes and plugins (some free, some paid, some in the repo, some not).

I create WordPress stuff for bookish people

I started out creating products for book lovers. My first plugin was the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin, which is still my bestselling product (over 1000 sales—hell to the yes!).

After a while, I created the equivalent for authors, called Novelist.

I also create WordPress themes (like Tweak Me) and sometimes e-courses.

Other stuff I like

  • Weightlifting
  • Sugar free hazelnut syrup
  • Disney movies
  • C.L. Wilson (current favourite author)

Places you may have seen me

  • Speaker/moderator at Blogger Con, BookExpo America (2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Genius bar at Blogtacular 2015

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I have a vault of free resources, including plugins, themes, presentations, and PDFs.

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