Why You Should Give Zero Fucks About Posting Critical Book Reviews

Reviews are not for impressing or pleasing publishers. Reviews are not for getting into a publisher’s “good graces” by showing them you love everything. Reviews are not for making authors feel good. Reviews are about you, your thoughts, your experiences, your opinions, and how you […]

Why I’m “Only” Aiming to Read 75 Books This Year

To a lot of people (particularly non-book bloggers), 75 books is still a ton and I definitely acknowledge that. So please don’t feel bad if your goal is 10, 25, or 50 and that feels like a lot to you! We all have different numbers […]

2016 in Review – Reading Stats and Favourite Books

2016 in Review – Reading Stats and Favourite Books

This is hopefully the first in my three part “2016 in review” series. I have things to say about books/reading, business, and life stuff. 😛 2016 was one big reading slump. I started out writing very, very few reviews in early 2016. In fact, between […]

ARcs are Overrated Because…

They throw me off my flow More often than not, here’s what happens: Awesome new ARC gets put up on NetGalley. I’m so excited and I want to read it NOW! I hit “request”. I’M READY FOR YOU! I SHALL READ YOU TONIGHT! …crickets… No […]

BookExpo America Followup – It’s not all doom and gloom

BookExpo America Followup – It’s not all doom and gloom

The biggest problem with the recent BookExpo America news was lack of information. We were told that blogger attendance would be limited and BloggerCon was no longer happening, but key pieces of information were missing: How many bloggers would be allowed? What’s the criteria to […]

It Would Seem BookExpo America is No Longer a Place for Book Bloggers

It Would Seem BookExpo America is No Longer a Place for Book Bloggers

Be sure to read the followup post for updated information! A few days ago, Publishers Weekly did a piece on a new direction for BookExpo America. In that article was this juicy snippet: According to McDonald, the focus will be on drawing more book buyers, […]

Twenty-Freakin-Seventeen (the contemporary books edition)

You already saw my most highly anticipated books of 2017 but I FOUND SOME MORE! And I couldn’t resist sharing because I’m just so excited! The last batch was mainly fantasy/sci-fi and this new batch is all contemporary deliciousness! Alex, Approximately Classic movie buff Bailey […]

Do You Need to Like the Characters in a Book to Enjoy it?

I’ve seen some people say that “characters don’t need to be likeable”, and while I totally respect anyone who feels that way, it’s just not for me. I need to like the person I’m reading about. I need to be able to respect them or […]

Why I Don’t Read Novellas

I’ve noticed more and more authors releasing novellas in the young adult market. They squeeze these mini books in between books in a series (or as prequels/epilogues). Some people love these novellas because it gives them something exciting to read while waiting for the next […]

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