Quick Tips for Marketing Your New Bookish Business

Whether you already have a business or you’re looking to launch a new one, your blog is your best marketing resource.

My blog helped me grow my business to the point where I was able to go 100% full-time right after university. Now I’m earning over $5,000 per month because of the content I publish on my blog.

Download my free list of blog post ideas to kickstart your business.

I’ve put together a free list of blog post ideas for six book-related businesses. So whether you’re a cover artist, a freelance editor, a virtual assistant, or a web designer, you can start using your blog to draw in your next clients.

The PDF contains:

  • A list of six possible book-related businesses.
  • The target audience for each business idea.
  • A list of blog post ideas that will attract that ideal client.

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