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I take the stress out of migrating to self-hosted WordPress.

Moving to WordPress doesn’t have to be a long, stressful, or scary process. In fact, it can be ridiculously easy. All you need is someone who knows exactly what to do because they’ve already done it successfully hundreds of times—that’s me!

I perform seamless migrations

  • I copy over all your posts, comments, pages, and as many widgets as I can.
  • If you’re coming from Blogger, I will redirect your old blog to your new one.
  • Using a custom domain on Blogger or already? No problem, I can migrate that to your new self-hosted site.
  • I install a few must-have plugins.

Here’s what my clients say

Ashley (Nose Graze) [..] made the move [to WordPress] totally painless—she went way beyond my expectations of how much help and guidance she would give me throughout the process, plus she completely customized the book blogger plugin for my crazy review template design which I didn’t think possible. From helping me with deciding which host to go with (also a big shout out to Steph from Cuddlebuggery who was a big help as well!), to design detailing, to the actual WP implementation, she was just a doll to work with. And you should know I have to be one of the pickiest person on this planet. I nitpick at the tiniest of design details, and maybe she cried without telling me—which is possible—but she stayed so patient through my neurosis and really she deserves an award (like, I made her lower a font to a half px)! So don’t hesitate to go with this girl!
Giselle, Xpresso Reads

I wouldn’t be able to brave the transfer [from Blogger to WordPress] if I haven’t found Ashley! She was so patient and understanding to me! I had so many questions about the transfer and she answered everything! Not to mention she did everything! YES, as in all the transferring! I only did a couple of registering here and paying here but the rest she did for me and for a reasonable amount too! I highly recommend that girl!
Jenna, Coffee, Books, & Me

Where do I even start? Ashley (Nose Graze) is simply amazing. She made the move from Blogger to WordPress utterly painless. Aside from actually doing the move for me, she answered SO many questions. Seriously, I asked at least 50 questions during the process, and she answered every single one fully and completely. Her emails always came quickly, if not instantly, and she answered the questions above and beyond what was necessary.
Lisa, Lost in Literature

Ashley, without a doubt, was a tremendous help when it came to making the move from Blogger to WordPress. She is extremely helped and quick to respond to questions. I was extremely hesitant about making the switch, but now I am so glad that I did. I definitely know that I can come to here for any questions. If you’re looking for someone to help you move your blog, ask Ashley!
Heather Anne, The Turning Pages

Ashley helped me make the migration move from Blogger to WordPress as well as my design.

I honestly don’t think anyone could’ve done it as well as she did. With her crazy computer saviness (she’s full on genius), friendly personality and quick service, I barely had any heavy work on my shoulders, Ashley did all the work and I am still in utter awe of her flawless work. And I’m quite sure she did more than she was meant to and the amount of possibly stupid questions I asked her probably made her go nuts but she still answered them all the same! Additionally, the UBB plugin is a MUST for WordPress bloggers, it is so convenient and easy to use!

I definitely recommned Ashley’s services, and if I were to need help again, Ashley would be the first one I’d go to.

Thank you so much Ashley! <33

Melanie, YA Midnight Reads

Let’s do it right the first time

Migration $99

  • Posts, comments & pages copied over
  • Old site redirected to the new one when possible *
  • Installation of “must-have” plugins

Let’s migrate

Migration + Starter Pack $150

  • Posts, comments & pages copied over
  • Old site redirected to the new one when possible *
  • Installation of “must-have” plugins
  • One plugin and one theme of your choice from the Nose Graze Shop (plus I’ll install them both for you!)

Let’s migrate

Site & Theme Migration $325

Want to keep your Blogger theme when you move to self-hosted WordPress? Not a problem! I’ll make sure your theme follows you to your new home and looks exactly the same as it did before.

  • Posts, comments & pages copied over
  • Old site redirected to the new one when possible *
  • Installation of “must-have” plugins
  • I will re-code your Blogger theme to work on WordPress

Let’s migrate

* If you’re using a free subdomain on, it’s not possible for me to automatically migrate that site to your new self-hosted URL. This can only be done by buying a “Site Redirect” from directly.

Do you want an effortless website experience?

I also offer managed, WordPress hosting. That means I host your WordPress on my server. I migrate you for free, handle all updates and maintenance, plus you get access to me—someone who knows a hell of a lot about WordPress.

Learn more about my hosting

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