37 Fonts I Love

This is just a very small snippet of my collection of 600+ fonts, but I thought I’d share some of my favourites. It took me hours to go through them all, so you better enjoy them! >:D

Alice in Wonderland

I could graze your nose

I’ve never actually used this font before. I don’t even remember downloading it! But I found it, right up at the top of the list, and OMG I love it!



I make big words and I cannot lie

I can’t even think of the last time I used this font, but it makes me want to just stack uppercase letters on top of each other in a huge size.



This makes me think of chocolate

I just think of a cute little chocolate/candy shop when I look at those letters (particularly the swashes). No idea why.


Brother Tattoo

Please let me tattoo your face

This is a fairly new discovery for me and I love it! I really like how it’s sharp but kind of swashy at the same time.



You make me want to type cute things

I’m pretty sure I’ve never used BubbleGum but I ALWAYS WANT TO! Those letters are just so cute! I want to pinch their cheeks. (do letters have cheeks?)



Why am I called 'Cookie'? Do I look like a cookie?

I have no idea why this is called cookie. But it’s fun.



There's something just a bit quirky about me. (Or is lowercase better?)

Discreet is a good name for this font. I can’t quite pinpoint why, but it fits. Maybe the odd angles of the letters or something.


Dragon is Coming

A dragon is coming. Fire will be breathed.

I can totally imagine this font being used on an old ancient scroll talking about when dragons ruled the world.


Eccentric Std

Eccentric people are tall like these letters

Quirky, tall letters. I like it.


Elegant Light

Once, I looked up at the stars

I used to be REALLY into super thin sans-serif fonts like th is one. I don’t use them much anymore, but I still like it.



It hurts how beautiful you are. (Epique Font)

Those little intricate details are puuuurdy!



I only work in caps lock but I'm cute (Fabrics Font)

Fabrics is adorable! I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I’d love to. Sadly, the free version has only uppercase letters and no punctuation/symbols. But you can buy the full version.

Download Buy

Gloria Hallelujah

I wish the world for you (Gloria Hallelujah Font)

I adore handwritten fonts. I don’t use them enough!


Hanging Letters

Hang you up to dry (Hanging Letters Font)

Bahaha! This font is too cute. I’ve never used it, but I stumbled upon it and was like, “This is awesome. Must have.”



#free #fonts for #BookBloggers (Hashtag Font)

Another adorable, fun handwritten font.


Hobbiton Brush Hand

Let's be Hobbits in The Shire (Hobbiton Brush Hand Font)

Hobbiton Brush Hand is one of the oldest fonts in my collection. Freaking Hobbits! YES!


Hopeful Giraffe

Everything is possible (Hopeful Giraffe Font)

Just look at the length of that P. You jelly?


Jalane Light

Standing tall and pretty. (Jalane Light Font)

Jalane Light was a little hidden gem in my collection. Quite often I find fonts that have been sitting there for ages but I feel like I’ve never seen before. Jalane Light was one of those.


La Portenia de la Boca

Once loved is never lost. (La Portenia de la Boca Font)

Why doesn’t my handwriting look like this?


Lava Lamp

I make lava lamps for fun (Lava Lamp Font)

This font is so weird. It’s so ‘out there’ that I can’t imagine actually using it, but it’s so fun!


Lewis Blues

I'm feeling mopey and blue (Lewis Blues Font)

Looking at Lewis Blues actually makes me a bit sad. But sad fonts have their place in the world too!


Loki Cola

Enjoy a Coca Cola (Loki Cola Font)

Obviously you can’t be a font collector without a Coca-Cola font.


Mesquite Std

Let's meet at the saloon (Mesquite Std Font)

I don’t even remember getting this font. I must have gotten it from some Adobe thing I purchased. It’s kind of cool.



My intricacy excites you (Orial Font)

I think the image says it all, really.



Wanted: book blogger outlaw (Outlaw Font)

I almost didn’t include Outlaw, but then when I looked close and saw the details inside the letters I decided I really liked it. I think you really need a larger size to do it justice though.


Park Lane NF

The Great Gatsby (Park Lane NF Font)

I always think of The Great Gatsby movie poster when I see this font.


Pineapples Don’t Have Sleeves

Pineapples Don't Have Sleeves Font

Seriously! Who do you think you are? I mean, obviously pineapples don’t have sleeves. Sheesh.


Silent Reaction

This font was almost used for Nose Graze once (Silent Reaction font)

Waaay back when I was changing my blog name from BookNook to Nose Graze, I played around with Silent Reaction when making my new logo. It didn’t last. But the font is still kind of fun.


Soda Script

Crazy curls exist within me (Soda Script font)

This is another font that’s like: WHEN DID I EVEN DOWNLOAD YOU?? I swear it just appeared one day. But it’s pretty neat.


Some Weatz

My swashes are massively impressive (Some Weatz font)

Hot damn, look at the size of those swashes.


Sprinkles Colors

The letter 'I' is so adorable! (Sprinkles Colors font)

Every single time I’m working on a new project/header/graphic, I scroll past Sprinkles Colors and I’m like “Aww you’re so cute! But not suitable for this project.” And thus I’ve never used it. But OMG look at those little I’s! And the hearts! This looks like cute, bubbly, middle school handwriting and I love it.


Sverige Script

Sverige Script font

Mmmm more swashes.


The Skinny

Skinny font is strange (The Skinny font)

Alas, no punctuation in this font. But I still love it and used it on my Save the Date cards.



I adore these funky letters (Upirpaw font)

I remember using this font in a typography project for a graphic design class. Pretty sure that’s the only time. But look how cute!


Urban Jungle

Make cities out of words (Urban Jungle font)

Here’s another one that I’ve never used, but only because it never felt suitable. It’s so unique though! I love how the buildings pop up out of the bottom. Too cool.



Loose change in my bedroom. (Voltaire font)

I tried so hard to get a client to use Voltaire in his logo. He didn’t like it. *sadface*



A crazy signature typeface (Zentaiges font)

This is like a crazy “let me sign your book with my epic signature” font.


What are some of your favourite fonts?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love all of these! You have awesome taste in fonts, Ashley. 😉 I’ve been really into Cursive and Sans-Serif fonts, so now I have a couple more beautiful ones to add to my collection. I have to say that Zentiages is my favorite of the lot, though!

    Um, as for some of my favorite fonts… I LOVE Bombshell Pro, even though it’s overused and crazy expensive (I could never pay that much for a font 🙁 ), and have you seen CK Cursive? Another gorgeous handwritten font. I also love Arabia, even though the flowers do get in the way too often, and the dingbat font called “Cool Stuff” is useful whenever I want a cool vector-like icon to use. As for sans-serif fonts, Baron Neue is awesome to use, as well as simple ones like Tw Cen MT Condensed, or Open Sans Serif Condensed, and Segoe UI Light. I’ve recently been obsessed with Frontage Outline, because it’s so neat and slick at the same time.

    I could probably list down more fonts, but I’m too lazy to go through my collection right now, haha. Thanks for sharing yours! 😀

    Megan (Adrift on Vulcan) recently posted: Happy Endings vs. Bad Endings
    1. Honestly I think fonts are way too expensive :/ It just floors me. Bombshell Pro is £28.99 ($50 USD). There are other fonts priced at like £47.99 ($82 USD) and even higher. That’s insane! I can buy entire website designs for less than those prices. I wouldn’t mind paying like £5 or £7.50 for a font, but no way I’m paying £30+.

      I like the fonts you mentioned! CK Cursive is a good one, and I love font icons. Those are great! I use Font Awesome quite regularly (both in website designs and in graphics work). And Open Sans is probably one of my most heavily used fonts in web design!

    1. You don’t need Photoshop specifically to use these fonts. 🙂 They get installed onto your computer, then you can use them on any application that has a font selection tool.

      But yes, you can use them in Photoshop. 🙂

    1. I don’t really keep them organized at all lol. In the Photoshop font selector I literally just have a huge long dropdown of all my fonts. But I know my font selection so well that I know most of them by name. So if I have the name of a font, it’s easy to scroll down to the one I need (they’re listed alphabetically).

      Or if I don’t know what I want, then I actually really enjoy the process of going through hundreds of fonts and trying them all out. It might be time consuming but it’s a fun process for me!

    1. Client work, blog designs, blog post graphics, print work (business cards, note cards, etc.).

  2. Reading this post was so much fun. Nothing like some beautiful fonts to start my day off with a smile! I wrote down a list of all the fonts that you had that I love! Bebas is really nice and I like Alice in Wonderland. It reminds me of elves for some reason and the little heart in the “a” is so adorable! Eccentric STD, Fabrics, Hanging Letters, Lewis Blues, Parklane NT, and Silent Reaction are really nice as well! And I like Lava Lamp as well. It’s so unique and it kinda reminds me of this cartoon I used to watch, The Emperor’s New Groove. And La Portenia de la Boca <33 I wish that were what my cursive looked like!

  3. Oh these are fun! I love the Hobbit one! I use mostly the boring old fonts like Curlz MT, comic sans, andy and one of my favourites (albeit conservative) is bookman old style and century gothic. I did find a new one on my site you built me though and I love it… it’s called Happy Monkey! LOL

    Carrie recently posted: Wreck Me, Maria E. Monteiro
  4. I love fonts but they’re dangerous is my hands. I’m graphically wise enough to know that I don’t know how to use them well, but not wise enough to know how to use them well LOL. I’m totally sharing this with my brother though. I swear, he gets font envy 🙂

  5. I love this post! I’m in love with Alice In Wonderland, Hanging Letters, and Urban Jungle! I downloaded them to my computer, but do you know how I get these to work on Blogger? I just want to use them in my posts but Google is not helping. 🙁 It is only showing me how to add Google fonts.

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’m in love with these fonts!!

    1. You have to use some custom CSS code. You can generate it here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/tools/webfont-generator

      You have to upload the font file, then it will generate some CSS code you have to add to your theme. and show you how it works.

      However, you need to read the font license agreement before you do it. Not all fonts are allowed to be embedded in websites.

  6. Ooh, I love these, Ashley! Some of them I already use, like Alice in Wonderland, Bebas, Dragon is Coming, Hopeful Giraffe and The Skinny. I’ll be downloading the others because they’re adorable! <3 Thanks for sharing!

    A few of my personal favorites include Austie Bost Descriptions, CK Cursive, Morning Star, OptimusPrinceps and US Declaration. 😀

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings recently posted: Review: Free to Fall by Lauren Miller

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