6 years of blogging

It’s been six years since I published my first post on this blog. Six years. That’s a pretty insane amount of time. My life has changed tremendously since 2012 and my blog has seen it all! 21 highlights from the blog This blog got me […]

Bloglovin’ is Now Stealing Your Posts

I’ve never been a huge fan of Bloglovin’. I never liked their interface and preferred Feedly instead. But now I don’t just dislike them, I’m pissed. I guess the first major incident was when they made it so clicking on a post opened the post […]

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Your Host to Backup Your Site

This is something I see a lot: Blogger to Host: “Oh no, my site has been hacked! Can you please restore from a backup?” Host: “What backup?” I saw this reported on Facebook as recently as like a week ago. Web hosts are notoriously shit […]

Why I’m Breaking Up With Yoast SEO

A few weeks ago I read an article about why Roots moved from Yoast SEO to The SEO Framework and I was inspired. I’m not happy with the direction Yoast is taking Over the last few months, I’ve grown tired of Yoast SEO—not for bug […]

How to Ask a Question Really Really Well to Get Help With a Blog Problem

I like answering peoples’ questions and helping them with problems, but I see a lot of poorly phrased ones that ultimately mean it’ll take longer for the person to get their question answered. I have to: ask for followup information. wait for them to reply. […]

Do You Need a Premium WordPress Theme?

Some people are under the impression that their blog is doomed to fail if they can’t afford (or just don’t want to buy) a premium (paid) WordPress theme. That’s not true. You only need a premium theme if you can’t find a free one you […]

How to Keep Your Blog Authentic

How to Keep Your Blog Authentic

This is kind of a funny post because as soon as someone takes advice on how to be authentic, that almost makes them less authentic. Furthermore, “authentic” means something different to everyone. There is no one, single right answer there. Not everything in this list […]

5 Blogging Lessons I’m Glad I Learned

5 Blogging Lessons I’m Glad I Learned

I’ve had this blog since April 2012. That’s over four years now. It took me a long time to find my groove in the blogging world and I had plenty of insecurities along the way (I still do). But here are five things I finally […]

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