Cute Kittens, Horrible People and Ferguson

Cute Kittens, Horrible People and Ferguson

Do you ever feel like life just weighs you down and everything stings? Things just keep piling up around you until you can’t even handle the simple things?

Last night was that day for me.

Those Harry Potter deaths will leave you feeling empty

I was laying in bed finishing up a reread of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. As always, the deaths in that book just wiped me out. I guess after reading seven Harry Potter books, I start to feel this intense connection to those characters. Then the deaths are just all so.. huge. They’re the kind of deaths you don’t expect to happen in most YA/MG books because the good guys never die, right? Wrong.

So that started my less than stellar mood, but I feel like the night kept hitting me with difficult stuff to deal with.

Who does this to a kitten?

Then I was linked to a Facebook page called Help Baby Gru. Here’s a message from the page:

Gru was dropped off to us today by a semi-truck driver. The driver saw this cute little guy get tossed out of a moving vehicle and almost get hit on the road. We are hoping to raise money for his surgery to remove both eyes. He has bilateral ruptured corneas and needs surgery ASAP. Unfortunately, no one is in a position to pay for the full cost of the surgery so we are asking for donations of any size. The Veterinarian, Dr. Jim is doing to surgery at a reduced cost and the staff is banding together to help pay. Please consider donating to help this little guy out. You can call Tipp City Veterinary Hospital at 667-8489 and make a donation over the phone with a credit card.

I’m putting the photos in spoiler tags because this is a cat who desperately needs to get his eyes removed and it is a bit gruesome. But that aside, the kitten is ADORABLE!

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  1. Yeah, I have these kind of days a lot. My mother in law works for a pet rescue center near my city. She gets a lot of calls during the day for kittens or puppies found in the most absurd places. She picked up kittens of 1 day old that where dropped in a mailbox, in a recycle bin, in a plastic bag in a river. You get to see the most horrible things. I just don’t understand how you could do something like that to a little harmless creature.

    She is also a foster mom for these little cats. She feeds them with a bottle until they are old enough to eat by themselves, and then she starts looking for new homes for the kittens.

    I adopted my own cat Zoë, from her. She is now over 2 years old and doing great. She was also found alone in the streets, two weeks old.

    So sad… Thank god there a people like my mother in law and the truck driver who rescued the little kitten.

    I’m going to donate for the operation. Let’s hope little Gru will find a nice place to live 🙂

    1. Seriously, what’s wrong with people?? How can they do that! Working for a pet rescue center sounds like it would be such a double edged sword. On the one hand I’d obviously love to take care of animals and help rescue them. But on the other hand, seeing all those horrible things would rip me apart!

      Gru is so adorable. It breaks my heart that anyone could possibly hurt him! I’d adopt him in a heartbeat if I wasn’t living in England in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. 🙁

  2. Some people just have no heart, that is horrible and I am not even a cat lover. Ferguson just shows you how downhill America has went..I am sorry but rioting will not bring justice or bring back the young man who was’s just senseless violence..and almost in my least it about six hours away from me. UGH.

  3. Animal cruelty just kills me. I feel like I had to harden my heart because I hear so much crap about abuse towards animals and I can’t stand it. I want to donate but the kitten link didn’t work.

    I don’t like cats, but some people in our neighborhood saw these people just drop off a kitten in the middle of the street and take off. No one helped it for a couple days but when our neighbor saw it being chewed on by a dog, it grabbed it and brought it over to us. We are known for loving animals but we didn’t want another pet after our 15 year-old dog died two years ago. But I had to take this (not even a month old) kitten in. Now Castiel is over a year old and I still hate cats but our cat is cool.

    Anyways, my point is, I can’t stand to think of all the abandoned animals out there. Or the abused ones. Or the neglected ones that I can’t save.

    I have had books or certain things start me off in a depressed mood and then real life crap just bring me more down. It’s hard to live in this world. So much is wrong with it and it seems like it will never get better.

  4. I love all animals and the things that people do to them just makes me sick. I don’t understand the level of humanity that can do these things. I like animals, especially dogs, better than most people.

    As far as Ferguson. I live in O’Fallon, MO — just down the road. That whole area is the reason St. Louis was once (and may still be) consider one of the most dangerous cities in the US to live.

    The thing about that whole situation. Why does it always come down to a race issue? If it would have been a white boy killed by a black cop, would it have struck as much outrage, incited riots, etc.? I’m not prejudice, not at all. The behavior by everyone looting and burning their own city is just ignorant. Period.

    What organization do Caucasion people call when something like this happens? NONE, because that would be wrong, prejudice against the African American population.

    I’m going to shut up now, because it’s just a disgraceful show of ignorance against humanity.

    Lori L. Clark recently posted: Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Amour Amour
    1. Yeah I agree. It’s a terrible situation but sometimes people turn things into a race issue when it never was a race issue.

      This is kind of a weird example but one of my best friends was black. When we were at school together we’d be messing around in the library and he’d get kicked out and say, “IT’S BECAUSE I’M BLACK!!” And I’d just be like, “No, it’s because you were being a tool and running/screaming around the library.”

      So yeah I think I get what you mean. Sometimes it’s not about race at all, it’s just about stupid stuff and then we turn it into a race issue.

  5. I can’t even bare to look the the kitten pictures. One of my close friends does pet rescue and works extensively to help find the best “forever” homes for the abandoned, beaten, tortured, and God knows what else these poor animals have gone through. The pictures make my stomach turn (which is why I can’t look at yours…the eyes…and even with surgery, that poor kitty will NEVER see again!). You have to be one sick Fuck (pardon my language here) to abuse innocent animals that way. I donate almost every month to my friend’s cause via her paypal account….and you’re right, every little bit of $ helps, but Vet costs are so damn expensive it can really get discouraging too. As for the war stuff…I can’t tell if it’s getting worse or if it’s always been like that. There’s so much we don’t really know and can only rely on what media tells us. You don’t even want to know what I heard from my Malaysian friend about that 1st plane that “vanished”. Of course the media didn’t tell that story! Sending you a big hug girl. There’s always going to be bullshit in this world…I’ve been so affected by the death of Robin Williams and some other personal things going on…but girl, we just have to focus on the good things, the memories that make us smile, and the warmth of a tender hug from someone we love.

  6. I know! Can you believe this mess? I saw the kitty last night and donated, was so happy to see that they’ve already raised the money they need for Gru. Breaks my heart to see things like that. I mean how does someone even think to throw a cat out of a moving vehicle? How horrible do you have to be? I see stories of people hurting animals and I want to do to them what they do to the animals. I’m not a violent person in general, but hurting poor defenseless animals that only depend on us for our love and care makes me sick.

    And this mess in Ferguson! I lived in St. Louis until December of 2013 and I hate to say that this doesn’t really shock me. I was never so happy to move away from a place. I mean the extent that things have blown up is incredibly shocking, but the attitudes that got it there? Not so much – I saw them all the time when I lived in St. Louis 🙁

  7. This is why I don’t watch the news, because every time I do I lose a little piece of faith in humanity. I, too, was up half the night thinking about Gru, and I’m very grateful that we were able to raise enough for his surgery in the matter of 24 hours. Despite the assholes, that proves that there’s still compassionate people out there.

    On a happier note, thank you so much for helping Gru!! <3 With any luck, I'll be able to adopt him 🙂

    Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat recently posted: Review: Rebel by Amy Tintera

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