I Shall Never Again Roll My Eyes When Someone Says They Have an Ear Infection

I used to think ear infections were kind of silly. I think it’s because you usually hear about children getting them, so then when someone talks about getting one I immediately think something like, “Suck it up. Ear infections are for children, you can handle it.” Well, karma is a bitch.

Ear infections are THE WORST!

I have literally never been in so much pain in my entire life. Half the time I feel like I’m about to burst into tears from the pain, but then I really try to hold back because I read that crying can just make you feel worse (since it makes your head all stuffy and thus makes your ear feel worse.. it kind of makes sense).

When I went to the doctor she wouldn’t even give me antibiotics. The conversation went something like this:

“Wow, there’s A LOT of fluid in your ear. It’s definitely infected. Ear infections can be EXTREMELY painful. But we won’t give you antibiotics because we only give those to people with a fever. Wait it out.”


I’ve spent half the last couple of days sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself. (Pathetic, I know.) Then feeling even MORE sorry for myself because I feel worse when I lay down. But I don’t want to sit up and work either because WAAAAA IT HURTS!!

I feel like I’m five years old again with all the moping and sniffling I’ve been doing lately. I had no idea that an ear infection would bring me down so much.

I did finally manage to pick up some decent pain killers from the pharmacy. But I’m only allowed to use them for three days so this bitch of an infection better be gone by then! >:(

On the bright side… I’m upgrading my computer!

Coding God and I decided to do full computer upgrades (except graphics cards, since we did that recently already). I’m mostly excited about the new CPU and RAM I’ll be getting. Mine are a few years old now so this should be a decent upgrade!

A book to pull me out of the slump?

I’ve been in the worst book slump ever. I’ve quit sooo many books in the last few months, it’s insane. I’m sick of reading crappy books and then wondering if the book is in fact actually crappy or if it’s just ME making it crappy because I’m in a weird slump. BUT! I may have found a book to ease my suffering.

The Body Electric by Beth Revis

The Body Electric by Beth Revis

I’m about 30% through this book now and I’m LOVING it! It’s intense, different, and there may be conspiracies afoot! I should have known Beth Revis would make everything better.

How was your week?

Did you do anything fun/exciting/different? Tell me about it!

Have you ever had an ear infection from hell?

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  1. I had them as a kid and I forgot how bad they were. I got one a few years ago and I totally understood why my kids act the way they do when they get one. Goodness- no antibiotics? I feel for you. I’ve never been given the good painkillers, just the antibiotic and I have to limp along with regular pain reliever until the antibiotics start to kick in.
    I’ve had a run of very mediocre books, not bad enough to DNF but just enough to piss me off. Hope you find your “slump buster”.

    1. I know, I feel so sorry for kids now.

      The painkiller I have is pretty good, but as I said, I’m only allowed to use it for 3 days. Tomorrow is my last day and so far the ear infection doesn’t seem to be getting any better >_< I will not be a happy girl if I have to suffer through Sunday without any painkillers OR antibiotics *grumble*

  2. I feel your pain. I just had an ear infection about a month ago, and I definitely understand what you’re going through. It hurts like crazy! At one point I could barely chew my food, or open my mouth. But it went away after 4ish days or so. I hope you feel better soon!

    Anatea recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday #55
    1. I can barely open my mouth either!! It’s horrible! So far I’m up to like 5 or 6 days with this ear infection so I’m not a happy girl *mopes*

  3. I hate ear infections! Before I moved to Texas, I hadn’t had any since I was a kid. After moving here? I seem to get one at least twice a year. Not a clue why.

    I can’t believe your doctor didn’t give you any medication. Mine always gives me ear drops, which are annoying to apply and tickle once in, but at least help get rid of the infection after a week of use.

    If you aren’t taking ibuprofen (and can), I recommend it. It helps with the swelling/inflammation that ear infections always cause. Also, vitamin C supplements. I’ve noticed that if I take extra (like 5-6 of the drops you suck on, I buy Equate brand) the first 2 days I feel the first twinges, I don’t get the infection at all.

    I’m not sure if the vitamin C will help lots now that the infection has set in, but it can’t hurt. I wouldn’t think anyhow. Hope the pain goes away and you feel better soon!

    1. That’s so odd! I’m so sorry for you. 🙁 I can’t imagine going through this twice a year…

      I know! I’m pissed at the doctor! Then when I heard ear drops were a thing I went to the pharmacy and asked if they had anything for ear infections and they said no!! But they did at least give me the pain killers…

      I was taking ibuprofen the first 3 days but it didn’t seem to help much with the pain at all. 🙁 When the pain got completely unbearable to the point I was practically in tears, I managed to get that stronger pain killer. That pretty much takes most of the pain away… but I’m only allowed to use it one more day.

      I also did start taking some vitamins so hopefully those help a bit. But yeah, maybe it’s too late! *grumble*

  4. I’ve taken my four year old three times to the doctor in the past 4 weeks for an ear infection. While I am not the one affected, I feel your pain. Figuratively and literally. It’s not fun for anyone. I can’t believe the doctor didn’t give you anything. Hopefully it starts to get better soon. Maybe go back as see if she’ll give you something if it’s not getting better.

    1. I feel so sorry for your kid!! 🙁

      The doctor did say it should clear up in 3-5 days and if not, I could come back. Well on Sunday it will be seven days so I’ll probably be going back to the doctor on Monday. *sigh*

  5. I completely sympathize. I had chronic ear infections as a kid because of my adenoids. (I had to have them removed in the end.) And they were always miserable. I had to go home from a sleepover once because I woke up with such a terrible pain in my ear, and my friend’s mom had no idea how to deal with it. They’re really horrible.

  6. Oh MY. Waiting for you to get a fever is not safe! Your eardrum could burst! You could even lose your hearing. Take it from the girl who has had a million ear infections from babyhood to twenty-somethinghood. Can you go to a different doctor? Can you be pushier?

    I have a solution for ear infections that REALLY helps. I’ve cured my ear infections before. You need to get a fresh garlic clove, cut a piece small enough to sit just inside your ear. You don’t shove it down in… you sit in just inside the ear so the fumes can go down to the infection. It’s super itchy and you can hear crackling, but I have drained and cured the worst of infections doing this. If you don’t have fresh garlic, you can get garlic oil capsules and poke a hole in one and drip a few drops into your ear. You’ll smell potent, but you’ll feel better.

    Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl recently posted: Mine Under the Mistletoe by Kat Latham | Mini Book Review
  7. I remember having one as a child but thankfully, no issues as an adult. Hope you’re better soon thought cause I think it would drive me insane.

    Runwright recently posted: 5×5
  8. Did you have a cold beforehand? Nosecolds in particular can cause ear infections Having had terrible earaches constantly as a child I can sympathize. I still get them every now and then although they aren’t as intense as they used to be. The worst one I ever had, mum had taken me to the emergency department and my doctor had to put local anesthetic into my ear canal so I would stop feeling the pain and could sleep.

    Chantelle recently posted: Book Review: The False Prince
  9. OMG Ashley that really sucks!
    I had my tonsils out as an adult (at 30) and it WAS THE MOST PAINFUL THING I EVER WENT THROUGH!!!! It took over 3 weeks before I could eat solid food. I thought I was going to go home that night like a kid does and eat ice cream and be fine… I WAS WRONG!!!
    So I know what you mean by judging something you think is “no big thing” and then realizing it is extremely painful. I hope you feel better soon though! ❤️

    Stacy (StacyHgg) recently posted: Normal by Danielle Pearl ~ Review
  10. Oh no. Get well soon. I’ve had inner ear infections before so I feel your pain. And yes, Beth Revis does make the world better, if only for as long as her books last. Gimme more! I haven’t read this one though. Feel better ya!

  11. Boo to ear infections! My little boy’s friend has one right now and is on a crazy low-dose antibiotic she’ll have to take for a few weeks … too bad they couldn’t give you anything! I hope it clears up! And I so want to read The Body Electric!! I was completely in love with her whole Across the Universe series, so I’m a little nervous to start this one, but it just sounds amazing!

    Kristilyn (Reading In Winter) recently posted: A Random Post About Random Things …
  12. The only time I ever had off sick from my longest job was with an ear infection. I was determined to keep going in despite the fact I was in so much pain but in the end I was sent home and put on antibiotics. Ear infections are the absolute worst and I am sorry that you have one. Luckily they don’t usually last too long so hopefully you are over the worst.

    Charlotte @ Books and Baby etc. recently posted: REVIEW // I Was Here // Gayle Forman
  13. Ear infections are the worst!! I’ve gotten a couple in the past few years, but the worse was about three years ago when I had an outer ear infection, not the common inner ear infection… Basically I felt this giant bump inside my ear that HURT but I was at my cottage for a few days so I couldn’t really do anything and I never even suspected it was an ear infection because you usually can’t feel them like that. So when I got home I went to the clinic, and the doctor terrified me and basically said if I didn’t take meds they would have to operate because outer ear infections can cause hearing loss. So OF COURSE I took all the antibiotics he gave me, but then the antibiotics ended up giving me another infection in my ear. Overall it was terrible and took weeks to get rid of. I’m sorry, this story was probably way tmi, but all I’m saying is – be thankful it’s just an inner ear infection!

    Good luck, I hope the pain goes away soon! And I hope you enjoy The Body Electric 🙂

    Chloe recently posted: Mockingjay
  14. I hope you’re feeling better and congrats on the upgrade! I *knock on wood* have not had the pleasure of an ear infection and from the sounds of it, I don’t ever want to. Take care of yourself and snuggle up with some hot chocolate.

  15. Get a second opinion. If you’ve got an ear infection it should be being treated! I got one for the first time while I lived in England, too (I BLAME ENGLAND) and the lovely doctor took one look and said, “Ouch, no wonder your ear hurts! Here, have some ear drops!” and it was better in a couple of days from that and the antibiotics. I didn’t have a fever, I was just crying from the pain and unable to sleep. Even her checking it out hurt. My ear was very red and raw, she said.

    Anyway, go to a different doctor! Left untreated it could spread or affect your hearing permanently.

    Nemo @ the Moonlight Library recently posted: Stacking the Shelves (103)

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