I’m IN LOVE With Outlander!!

Outlander is freaking awesome!

Claire and Jamie from Outlander

So it turns out, I LOVE OUTLANDER!!

I hadn’t heard of the book at all until the TV show came out *shame*. When I first read the synopsis, I wasn’t interested. Don’t ask me why, but time travel usually puts me off a book/movie/TV show. I think for some reason I associate it with being cheesy.

But I kept seeing EVERYONE talk about it on Twitter, so I was like… what the hell… and I watched episode one. Then episode two. Then, before I knew it, I watched all of the released episodes! I am thoroughly hooked! And I also now have a weird obsession with Scotland. I’m convincing my husband to take me there for a holiday.

So in celebration of Outlander’s awesomeness, I purchased the book so I could really dig into this bad boy.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Other TV shows I’m watching

The Wire

The Wire TV show poster

My husband and I started watching The Wire only a couple weeks ago. I started out really liking it. It’s a crime/cop show, but instead of having a new case every episode, the entire season focuses on one case. So in season one it was all about taking down this gang of drug dealers who were supplying an entire side of the city.

I think I was disappointed in the ending though… The big thing about The Wire is that it tries to be as realistic and authentic as possible. So instead of being really satisfying, it’s more like bitter sweet. There are some wins but there are also some losses. View Spoiler »

I’m rewatching 24

I’ve always loved 24! I started rewatching it a couple months ago and now I’m about seven episodes into season 3.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’m a bit late starting this TV show, but I loooove it! It is a bit cheesy at times, but I’m getting really into it. It’s good entertainment. 😉

Low carb heaven

I have one epic low carb gem to share with you guys this week. Introducing: the bacon weave quesadilla. As you can probably guess, we can’t have tortilla wraps on a low carb diet, so a normal quesadilla is out of the question. Then I came across an excellent bacon weave quesadilla blog post and HAD to give it a try!

First, I made two beautiful bacon weaves. These served as the “tortillas” for our quesadillas.

Bacon weave

Then I added in chicken and cheese before cooking it some more.

Bacon weave quesadilla with chicken and dip

Lather with guacamole and devour!

Bacon weave quesadilla topped with guacamole

New Creative Whim design

I finished up a new design this month over at Quinn’s Book Nook. Check it out:

Quinn's Book Nook Theme

View Live Site

I LOVE how this one turned out and Quinn was such a breeze to work with. 🙂

How was your week?

What are some of your favourite TV shows?

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    1. Yeah I can’t wait to really dig into the book! I have a few long flights and stuff coming up so I’m hoping to really break into it then. 🙂

  1. I am American TV junkie. I watch anything once, although I haven’t seen Outlander, will check it out, Ashley! Some of my favorites… Are you ready? Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The Flash (it hasn’t even started but I know I’m going to love it), Chicago Fire, The Big Bang Theory, HIMYM (*SOBS*). There are LOADS more but these are the ones off the top of my head <3

    I love the new design for Quinn's Book Nook, it's gorgeous, way to go Ashley!

    Hmm I may have to investigate this low-carb diet. I'm trying to lose weight (and failing, I must be honest) so maybe low-card is the way to go – especially if it involves BACON. I love it.

    1. I LOOOVE Arrow as well!! I think I’m a bit behind now but I want to get back into it.

      I’m planning on doing a post all about the low carb diet and why it works so much better than just counting calories. Stay tuned!

  2. I’m so disappointed by the Outlander series. The book us one of my favourite ibes, I re-read it every year. So for me it’s not a good adaptation. Especially the role of Jamie is miscasted in my opinion. Sorry that all sounds very harsh.

  3. YES! I’ve caught the Outlander bug as well. The show is just amazing (I’d heard of the books beforehand but was always put off by the amount of books in the series D:) and now I’m tempted to pick up the book. I hope you enjoy it! SHIELD is starting again so now I have about 40 mins less of my life hahaha :b I totally agree with the cheesiness though…but I can’t resist xD

    Jess @MyReadingDress recently posted: Seeking Saturday's Read #5
    1. Yeah the amount of books (and the length of them!) is REALLY intimidating. But now that I know the story is awesome, I’m much more inclined to dig in. 😉

    1. All I hear is that the Outlander books are AMAZING and even better than the show, which is already fabulous!

  4. I am not in love with Outlander but I have been watching it, I think the last couple episodes have finally picked up a bit to where I am curious about what is going on, but it hasn’t made me curious enough about those large books to pick them up. 🙂

    I am so pissed off at Bones it’s not even funny, though I read why they did what they did but geesh what a way to start the series!! Can’t wait for the first episode of Castle to come on this Monday.

    New shows I have watched so far and love are The Mysteries of Laura it’s a cop show that is a little bit drama and a little bit comedy and to me it’s the right blend and is so funny. Then Forever which is about a man who can’t die and he is a medical examiner.

    Have a great rest the weekend,

    1. Stormi…what did you think of the last bit of the first episode of The Mysteries of Laura? I laughed so hard when her inner voice came out with “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

    2. Aw, bummer that you’re not into the show more. 🙁 Can’t win them all, I suppose!

      Ohh I LOOOVE Castle!!

  5. I had not heard of Outlander until the show either and now I’m really in to it. My husband loves The Wire so he had me watch and him re watch season 1 together. It’s good but I have to really be in the right mind set to keep moving on cuz it can be depressing

    1. Yeah The Wire can be a bit depressing.. especially when it gives you the idea that these problems can never fully be fixed. Plus all the murders and such… It’s rough!

  6. Outlander! Some years back the series called to me from the shelves of B&N. I picked it up and put it down so many times that someone got it for me for Christmas. Since than I have snagged almost the entire series and have Outlander itself in paperback, ebook and the anniversary edition. Yep, just a little obsessed. When i got my bookshelf, they were the first books on my shelf. At first, when they showed who was cast for the series, I wasn’t so sure, but they have all blown me away.

    Now, bacon quesadilla’s, how did it taste? I’m very curious. It just looks like so much bacon!

    TV shows that I watch are Doctor Who (Tom Baker was my first Doctor), Red Band Society, The Mystery of Laura and several more. I rely heavily on my DVR or I would end up watch infomercials because I usually watch late at night.

    1. It’s awesome that you own so many different editions! 😀 I would love to snag a first edition. Super pricey though!

      The bacon quesadillas were fabulous!! It was a ton of bacon (one pack—8 strips—per person), but the photo actually makes it look like more than it is. I think because in the photos you can’t actually see much of the chicken/cheese that’s inside. It was a great dish though!

  7. Oh boy. I watch so much TV. Most of its on DVD (friends, will & Grace, seinfeld) but the shows I watch that are still on the air are Big Bang theory, the blacklist, agents of shield(love Coulson and fitzsimmons!), new girl, the monday project, awkward, arrow, scandal, how to get away with murder, revenge, and once upon a time. I have to use a trello board with checklists of episodes for each show just to keep track of it all!

    1. My husband and I love The Blacklist too!! And I’m totally with you—I adore Fitzsimmons in SHIELD! They’re the best characters. 🙂

    1. “well the first four are”

      Does that mean the rest aren’t as good, or you just haven’t read them?

    1. Same!! I remember reading the Outlander synopsis and not thinking it sounded that great… but then I was hooked!

  8. Woohooo! So glad you’re enjoying Outlander. I absolutely love the books, so I was leery as to whether they would do a good job on the show. I think they’re doing a great job of it. I’m just hoping they don’t make it too different than the book. Hope you enjoy reading the series too, Ashley!

    1. Yeah I keep hearing that people who loved the books are really happy with the TV show. That’s awesome!

  9. I haven’t watched Outlander yet, although I did really like the books.
    I’m obsessed with Supernatural. I only started watching in the summer when I noticed all the episodes on Netflix, and have worked my way up to the middle of season 6 so far. At first it was scary, but now it’s just funny and painful, and awesome.

    Sarah recently posted: Discussion: TBR list tag
    1. You should totally watch it! It’s fantastic! And I think most people that loved the books are also loving the show.

  10. I haven’t watch Outlander, but I keep hearing about it EVERYWHERE! I’m not sure that I’ll read it since I would have to invest in another long series (nine books planned so far!)

    That bacon “tortilla” looks awesome and I’m sure my kids will passed out if they saw it! Sadly, this is not for me since I also have to watch my fat intake. I use low-carb tortillas or lettuce leaves as a “wrap”

    Liza @ Reading with ABC recently posted: Review: Lottie Biggs Is (Not) Mad by Hayley Long
  11. Like you, I’ve been seeing a lot of comments about the Outlander series (on Goodreads) and I decided to try the first book. I bought it as a birthday gift for myself and I loved it too! It’s an amazing love story and I plan to read the rest of the series.

    I enjoy checking out your low-carb recipes. I’m trying to lose some weight and these are helpful!

    Barbara Ann recently posted: Amazon Freebie: Curse of the Wicked
  12. I am VERY addicted to Outlander right now. I almost had a heart attack when it didn’t come back on last week – then I find out it’s not returning until April. APRIL! I’m re-reading the books, too, I on book 6 about 75% of the way through and love it even more than I did the first time! I’m even following @samheughan on Instragram. 🙂

    carrie @carrieloves recently posted: Falling Up
    1. I’ve only read the first book, but loved it! 🙂 The second is a little harder to get into but everyone says it’s worth it in the end!

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