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Thank you, Secret Santa!

I only got one new book this week, but it was a great one! Huge thanks to my secret santa (the amazing Eileen) for this awesome Christmas gift:

Secret Santa Gift from Eileen: Unbreakable by Elizabeth Norris, Sour Skittles, and nerd socks

Thank you Eileen! πŸ˜€ I’ve already dug into the sour skittles and they’re DELISH!

I’m back in the United States!

On Saturday I endured the 10 hour plane ride from London to California. I’m back in the US with my family for the holidays! It’s good to be back, but holy crap, it’s so warm in California! I swear it is NOT winter here. It’s at least spring weather already.

And I finally got to come home to my cat, Willow! I’ve missed him!

Cat sleeping by the window

Would you be interested in requesting books directly from indie authors?

I’m thinking about adding a new feature to I might make a system where self-published authors can upload their books, bloggers can request a copy, and the author can approve or decline the request. If approved, the blogger will get access to the book so they can read it and review it on their blog.

It’s basically like NetGalley, but I’m specifically targeting self-published authors. What do you think? Would you be interested in this? Let me know in the comments, or if you’re on you can vote in the poll and post on the forum topic.

Have a great Christmas, everyone!

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    1. Yes it’s totally insane! I’d rather have the London rain back, to be honest! Lol. I like a cold, snuggly Christmas.

    1. I did check and self published authors can go on NetGalley, but it costs $399 to list a book there(!!) So it makes sense that many self published authors wouldn’t be able to afford a massive cost like that, but publishers would.

  1. Hey, glad you made it back safely. I know how much that plane ride can suck. -_______- Anyway, I love that you’re incorporating more and more of these “IRL” posts into your regular book blogging; it’s a really interesting mix.

    Also, love the idea you have for I could’ve sworn everyone into book blogging hated indie authors, for some reason.

    Sierra recently posted: I went hunting for beauty today
    1. Thanks Sierra! πŸ˜€

      Yeah a lot of book bloggers don’t read indie authors. I don’t know that they hate them, but many specifically say in their review policies that they don’t accept requests from indie authors.

      Part of me can understand it because there are a lot of low quality self-published books out there, and I get a ton of book spam from self published authors. But, there are also some FABULOUS indie authors out there. Some of my favourite books ever are by indie authors!

  2. Dude I love that self-published idea! It would be a great way for self-published authors to get their books out and yay for loving those skittles!! Also, your cat is adorable :)) Ugh same here in Jersey, we just had this abnormal cold front and it was 70 degrees here yesterday >.< I was skiing too, so imagine how well that went with me skiing in 50 degree weather while it was pouring. Ugh anyway, have a fantastic holiday! <33

    Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain recently posted: The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine
  3. “holy crap, it’s so warm in California! I swear it is NOT winter here. It’s at least spring weather already.”
    I hate you right now -___- It’s been in the teens here! I hate Ohio so much. *glares*
    I love that picture of Willow, he’s so freaking cute!!

    I personally don’t really read self-pubbed books, but I think that’s a great idea! I’m sure there would be plenty of people that would love that!!

    Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat recently posted: Life of a Blogger: Favorite Movies

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