WordPress Frameworks are a Crutch

WordPress Frameworks are a Crutch

I don’t just mean theme frameworks (though they also apply). I mean any kind of framework. Genesis (theme framework) Kirki (Customizer framework) Redux (options panel framework) others?? Wait, aren’t these things supposed to make my life EASIER? Well, yes, but that’s part of the problem. […]

Why I Don’t Like WordPress Theme Frameworks

Frameworks like Genesis can be okay for people who don’t know how to code I think the Genesis framework and a child theme is fine for people who don’t know how to code. I’m talking about people who want to buy a powerful theme structure, […]

What Are WordPress Theme Frameworks?

This week we have a great question from JoAnn: What are WordPress theme frameworks? JoAnn @ The Fairytale Nerd Short, sweet, simple—I like it. To help explain what a theme framework is, I’ll first talk about why we need them. Why do we need a […]

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