Why I’m “Only” Aiming to Read 75 Books This Year

To a lot of people (particularly non-book bloggers), 75 books is still a ton and I definitely acknowledge that. So please don’t feel bad if your goal is 10, 25, or 50 and that feels like a lot to you! We all have different numbers […]

5 Ways That Reading a Book is Like Exercising

5 Ways That Reading a Book is Like Exercising

1. The next one in a series Sometimes I finish book #1 in a series and I’m like OHMYGOD YES YES YES AMAZING SO AMAZING I WANT #2 RIGHT NOW!!! *flail* But book #2 is still 6 months away from being published! How ever will […]

11 Books I Haven’t Read from BEA 2014

I attended BookExpo America 2014. (Wow, doesn’t that feel like ages ago?) However, I’m sad to report that there are SO many books from BEA that I haven’t even read yet! I picked up 19 books in total and there are still 11 that I […]

Have You Ever Been Afraid to Reread a Book?

I’m in a bit of a slump right now. I have a problem where none of the books in my TBR pile sound good. Obviously they sounded good to me at one point, otherwise they wouldn’t be in my TBR. But right now, I just […]

Quick! Hurry Up and Finish Those ARCs!

I’ve always had a bad habit of requesting a bunch of ARCs that I’m super excited for, receiving them, then not reading them straight away because the release date isn’t for another 3-6 (or more) months. But then, by the time it makes sense to […]

Which Do You Love More: Reading or Blogging?

I love reading and I love blogging. But even more, I love doing both of those things together! But the other day I got around to wondering: if I had to choose, which one do I love more? I know, I know, it’s like asking […]

Do You Ever Accidentally Lie About Whether You Like a Book?

Just to immediately clarify: I DO NOT mean this for book reviews. I mean more like when you’re in the middle of a book and someone asks you, “How is it so far? Do you like it?” Have you ever accidentally lied in your response? […]

Is Anyone Else OCD About Their Reading & Blogging?

Is Anyone Else OCD About Their Reading & Blogging?

I recently realized that I have a very strict routine when it comes to reading and reviewing books. But I see so many other bloggers who DON’T have a strict routine, so I’m wondering if there are any bloggers out there like me? First, I’ll […]

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