How to Choose Your WordPress Web Host

How to Choose Your WordPress Web Host

If you’re moving from Blogger to WordPress or just considering changing hosts, it’s important to carefully consider your host before choosing. Web hosts are generally split into two categories. There are a lot more than two categories if you want to get super specific, but […]

Shopping for a Web Host: Stats & Features Explained

If you’re in the market for a web host (like if you’re moving to WordPress), you may want to listen up because this post is for you! One of the things that intimidates me about shopping for webhosts is the technical stats. What is disk […]

Moving to WordPress: Choosing the Best Web Host

Last week I ran a web host survey to gather feedback on various web hosts. My goal was to compile information so that people moving to a self-hosted blog would be able to choose the best web host possible. I’m really happy to present the […]

Web Host Survey

I’m doing some research so that I can write a blog post to recommend web hosts to people transferring from Blogger to WordPress.. and I need your help! Obviously I can rate and recommend my own web hosts, but I need more information! If you […]

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