What’s On My Dashboard?

What’s On My Dashboard?

I’m going to take you on a tour of my WordPress admin dashboard! Most people don’t customize their WordPress admin dashboards, but if they did, I’d be really interested in seeing what other peoples’ are like. Mine isn’t too different, but it might be worth […]

Add Collapsing Date Archives to Your Blog

Hi Ashley, I was wondering what plugin you use for your Archives? I’m trying to find one for WordPress that can show posts in a dropdown list split up by year/month (similar to what’s available on Blogger). I find they really help push my pageviews […]

6 Things You Don’t Need in Your Sidebar

Your blog is your blog and you can do whatever you want with it. If you like busy sidebars, that’s totally your business! I’ve seen some bloggers that have over 100 widgets in their sidebars. I think it’s a bit nuts, but if that’s what […]

Where I Get My “Follow Me” Widget

Hi! I really like your “Follow Me” widget on your sidebar. My question is: How do you get it to display your follower count? Particularly for Goodreads as I’ve never seen it for that social network before, only Facebook and Twitter. If you could share […]

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