Web Developer Income Report (July & August 2014)

Web Developer Income Report

July and August were soooo slow for me. July had two major reasons for it’s slowness:

Then in August I didn’t have any new client work scheduled, but instead of focusing on premades like I was supposed to, I had to play catchup with some of my July clients (sine I was sick—bleh!).

So, enough excuses. Let’s see the results.


July Sales

July 2014 Sales

  • Design & Web Services: £835.17
  • Hosting: £306.69: =
  • Pre-Mades: £1180.94

Total sales: £2322.8

July Expenses

July 2014 Expenses

  • Hosting: £304.84
  • Licenses & Subscriptions: £25.68
  • PayPal Fees: £55.68

Total expenses: £386.2

My hosting costs were higher this month because I had to renew like 10 domain names O_O

Profit (before taxes): £1,936.6 / $3,216.796


August Sales

August 2014 Sales

  • Design & Web Services: £440.45
  • Hosting: £399.43:
  • Pre-Mades: £1478.27

Total sales: £2318.15

You can see just how little money I made from custom web design/dev work this month. 😛 As I said, originally I booked off all of August to focus on premades, which explains part of it. But then I also had to spend some time finishing up client projects that started in July. So, sadly I didn’t get much of my premade theme/plugin stuff done. But hot damn, look at those premade sales! They did super well in August.

August Expenses

August 2014 Expenses

  • Commissions: £5.93
  • Hosting: £247.82
  • Licenses & Subscriptions: £96.17
  • PayPal Fees: £44.1

Total expenses: £394.02

Profit (before taxes): £,1924.13 / $3,195.88

September, I’ve got plans for you!

I’m hoping to get back in action this month. So hopefully we’ll see those numbers go UP UP UP!

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  1. Wow you’re doing great! Paypal fees are a bitch aren’t they? Urgh!! And OMG you got married? How did I totally miss this fact? Summer has been crazy for me though and I was really absent from twitter/social in general. But congrats!! And Wow, Florence! (Just checked the post and omg sooo pretty!!) you were gorgeous! And holy crap you look JUST like your sister! That has to be your sister or she was your twin separated at birth! Lol! But that’s like a movie wedding wowzers! <3

    1. Thanks Giselle! And yeah, PayPal fees suck. I feel like I need to raise my prices to compensate for those lol.

      Haha everyone says my sister and I look identical. We used to always get mixed up at school. It was bad for me because she’s like 18 months older than I am so she went to school first. That means all the teachers learned her name, but by the time I came along they just called me “Chelsea” accidentally. 😛

  2. Congratz on the wedding and I think it’s so awesome that you share your numbers because it’s so transparent and honestly I like buying things from people who are transparent like this. It makes me feel more comfortable and you provide so much support – even from people who’ve already bought a plugin etc or just plain blog help, it’s so much appreciated. I recommend UBB to every blogger on WordPress and if I ever want a different theme I’m totally checking into the TweakMe theme or having you make one for us, because you rock!

    1. Thank you April! 😀 I agree that transparency is great. I always love reading these posts by other freelancers, so I figured I’d join in!

      Thanks for spreading the word about UBB! 🙂 I’m glad you’re loving it!

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