Web Developer Income Report (June 2014)

Web Developer Income Report

May Income Report

June Sales

June 2014 sales by category

  • Consulting: £44.08
  • Design & Web Services: £1469.44
  • Hosting: £306.69:
  • Pre-Mades: £782.36

Total sales: £2602.57

Pre-made sales went down, but everything else went up! I was loaded with design work in June. My calendar was pretty freaking insane. I also had to create a new category for “Consulting” because I did some work that wouldn’t reaaally quality as “web services”. I almost threw it in there, but decided not to because it doesn’t really fit with design/coding at all.

June Expenses

June 2014 expenses by category

  • Commissions: £5.85
  • Hosting: £186.33
  • Licenses & Subscriptions: £194.00
  • PayPal Fees: £73.74

Total expenses: £459.92

More design work in June means more PayPal fees. Bleh. 😛 I hate those! You don’t even realize how much they add up until the end of the month.

Profit (before taxes): £2,142.65 / $3,673.66

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    1. Well I was booking designs for September, but I’ve temporarily closed bookings because I have a couple things I’m thinking about and whether or not I follow through with them will determine my availability after September. So I could either not be open for a while, or I could re-open my bookings soon.

      Sorry that’s kind of vague. 😛

      And omg so exciting about your wedding!!! eeks!

  1. Holy crap! This makes me so insanely jealous. I want SO bad to be a designer and work from home it’s not even funny, but I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to pay for school but I don’t know how to teach myself. You make three times as much as I do in a month doing something you love…my job makes my life miserable and I’m sick of it. I hate working for other people who don’t care about you at all. I just want to work for myself! I have no idea how to get there 🙁

    Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat recently posted: Life of a Blogger: Quirks
    1. You can learn a lot reading tutorials online. Like, if you want to start making websites, just make a ton of practice ones for yourself. And whenever you get stuck, Google “how to do xxx”. Example: “how to make a navigation menu html css”, or “how to align two boxes next to each other html css”.

      You could get started with a design framework like Bootstrap. Here’s a guide that might be decent: http://www.sitepoint.com/twitter-bootstrap-tutorial-handling-complex-designs/

      Just keep practicing, practicing, practicing and you’ll slowly improve. You’ll also start to remember things and rely less on guides/tutorials/Googling.

        1. PHP can be overwhelming. I really recommend you take it one step at a time. Don’t even look at PHP until you can make pretty good static websites with your eyes closed. Then, don’t set out specifically to learn PHP. I tried to do that several times and NEVER succeeded. Instead, try to learn PHP because you need it for something—like WordPress.

          When I first wanted to learn PHP I looked up PHP tutorials and it never made sense to me. I couldn’t get it to click. So I kind of gave up. But then eventually, I started wanting to learn WordPress. Well, WordPress has a bit of PHP in it! But instead of feeling like I was learning PHP (scary) I was learning WordPress, which introduced a tiny bit of PHP at a time. And I think with that slow, non-direct approach it actually made it so much easier.

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