What Do You Do When a Book Destroys You for All Other Books? (plus a look at the last two books I couldn’t finish)

C.L. Wilson has destroyed me

Surely you remember how I raved about The Winter King? Well after finishing that amazing five-million-star book, I proceeded to read the entire Tairen Soul series (also by Wilson), which I adored JUST AS MUCH!!

Six of Wilson’s books later, and I feel like I can no longer read anything else in the world.

Her books were utter perfection.

They spoke to me in a very Harry Potter-esque way. They’re nothing like Harry Potter, of course, but I mean that Harry Potter is a series that I always love, I can always reread, and I will never ever forget. It touches me on some other, amazing, rarely seen level. Wilson’s books are like that to me.

The problem I now have is that I feel ruined for everything else. It’s like no other book can compare. Right after finishing Tairen Soul, I read a two star book and then immediately didn’t finish two other books.

I feel like I’ve lost my ability to love any other book.

DNF #1: Finnikin of the Rock (OMG don’t kill me!)

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

I’m almost afraid to say this because Finnikin of the Rock is so fiercely adored by basically all my book blogging friends! I specifically gave this book a shot after Tairen Soul because people are CRAZY passionate about the Lumatere Chronicles and I wanted to be one of those people. I needed another awesome book.

But sadly, it wasn’t for me. 🙁 I stopped reading at 32%.

I think my biggest problem with the book was the pacing, and that in itself caused a few other problems for me. I felt like I was just thrown into the middle of this really unique world that was explained too quickly, and it left me drowning. Since it was thrown at me so fast, I never really got attached or invested (in the plot or characters).

Something about the presentation just didn’t click with me. 🙁 I was forcing myself to keep going. Although I was mildly interested in some of the ideas, I had no real attachment to the book and finally stopped when I realized I just wasn’t enjoying it all that much. I’d rather be reading something else.

Have you read this book?

I’ve heard that books 2 and 3 are better than the first, so is it worth me trying to power through book #1 so I can move onto the others?

DNF #2: This Savage Song (again… don’t kill me X_X)

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

In hindsight, I have NO IDEA why I bought this book. It doesn’t even sound like something I’d be particularly interested in. I’m not a big urban fantasy girl and it’s described as:

“a must-have for fans of Holly Black, Maggie Stiefvater, and Laini Taylor.”

Funnily enough I’m not a fan of two of those three authors. Their styles just aren’t for me.

I stopped reading at 29%. To be fair, I didn’t hate the book. I didn’t even particularly dislike it. I just didn’t love it or feel any strong attachment to it, and for me that was enough to realize I’d rather be reading something else.

After Wilson’s books, it’s hard to tolerate a book that I’m kind of indifferent about. My standards feel so out of whack and I won’t settle for anything less than AMAZEBALLS.

I have no doubt that Victoria Schwab is a fantastic author. I think I’m just not the right audience for this book/style whatsoever and I honestly have no idea why I even bought it.

What do you do in a situation like this?

My current “solution” is to binge Harry Potter. I’m rewatching movies 1-3 and rereading books 4-7. It seems to be the only thing I can love right now.

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  1. Never been in your situation so I wouldn’t know what to tell you. HP never even did that to me so…lol. I want to read Savage Song, I got to read the first five chapters and I enjoyed it…so I really need to get that one to try. Sorry you are having bookish problems.

    1. I’ve honestly heard nothing but amazing things about This Savage Song. I hope you love the rest. 🙂

  2. NOO Ashley that means there’ll be no hope for me! I’m at book 4 of Tairen Soul right now and I want those freaking Mages gone and Queen Annoura, don’t get me started on that woman, I want to strangle her.

    As for Finnikin, I totally get what you’re saying. I enjoyed the whole concept, but the pacing is definitely its biggest problem. And book 2 and 3 definitely have much more going on than Finnikin. Finnikin got me interested, but the other two were the ones that made me fall in love. You’re introduced to this girl, Quintana, who is mad as a hatter, but she’s as brave as Elfeya and Shannis. And she makes the whole story really, really interesting.

    1. Gosh, part of me just wants to go back and reread Tairen Soul because IT’S THAT AMAZING!!!

      What you said about Finnikin is actually exactly what I heard from someone else too (that book 1 wasn’t fabulous, but books 2 and 3 are worth holding out for). I may have to just push through book 1 so I can continue on to greatness!

      1. I wish you luck then! -And :O I’m at Crown of Crystal Flame, and I have been at it for like a week now, because I just don’t want to finish it! 🙁

  3. OMG. This covers are so dorky, but now I want to read these, too! (I just put The Winter King on my TBR because of your frolicking review.) I *think* I want to like books enough to destroy me for all other books (BUT MAYBE I DON’T?!?). Either way, I’m putting these on TBR now, too.

    1. They’re soooo good!! I’m inclined to say you should read The Winter King first since it’s a standalone (the upcoming second book is more of a companion, I think) and that will be a good “first book” to read by Wilson. If you love that, then I think it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll love Tairen Soul too!

  4. I am very sad to hear you did not like Finnikin. I can (kind of) understand where it isn’t for everyone, it’s just difficult to imagine as I continue to love it so much.
    Also, at your recommendation, I have now finished the Tairen Soul series and am started Winter King next. I hope this does not ruin other books for me.

    1. I’ve heard from several people that I should push through book #1 of Finnikin because 2 and 3 are better!

      I’m so glad you read Tairen Soul!

  5. I completely get what you’re saying here. It happens to me all the time with different authors in different genres. Right after finishing a book of a favourite author I try to read something else and just can’t get through it. It’s quite unfair to the poor book that came after your hero. LOL

    Usually what I do is re-read a couple of books by my hero again and then finally veer off to read something else and end up liking what I’m reading enough that I can give it an honest review and usually it’s right up there. If it’s around a release date of my hero though… forget it!

    Lexi Blake does this to me in one genre. I have a ton of authors that I adore in this same genre, but Lexi and her alias Sophie Oak just clears a path between them all. After one of her books I always have to go back and re-read something from her before I can move on, and even then it’s tough.

    1. Yesss, I feel so bad for the books that come after the earth-shattering ones. It’s not fair on them. I think I quite often end up rating them less than I would have if I’d read them at a different point in time.

  6. I’ve been in the situation before where I just kind of go in a book coma or read a different genre. I LOVED Court of Fives and although other books are fun I just don’t know if I can read another book of that nature right now. So I’m reading adult romance to kind of cleanse my palate. Now you’ve sold me though and I must read these C.L. Wilson books

  7. Oh, I totally understand what you mean by books destroying other books! I usually try to do something in a totally different genre or age group. Lately I’ve been bingeing a lot of Stephen King as a palate-cleanser.

  8. *HIGH FIVE* I managed to finish Finnikin of the rock, but I was bored out of my mind.. The pacing, the characters, the plot: I did not care about it at all. Book hangovers, especially big one likes this where you’ve finished all the amazing books by one author, are so hard to conquer! Perhaps taking a step back from reading, doing something else and then slowly return by picking up a highly anticipated book?

    1. Great idea Mel. 🙂

      Did you end up reading the other Finnikin books? A lot of people here are saying it gets better! I’m not sure if I can drag myself through though, haha.

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