11 Books I’m Hoping to Find at BookExpo America 2016 (plus a floor plan!)

Books to look out for at BookExpo America 2016

I can’t believe I leave for BookExpo America in less than a week! It seems like BEA sneaks up on me every year. I can never believe it when it finally arrives.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been buried deep in schedules, spreadsheets, and other BEA information. Here are some of the books I’ve put on my schedule and I’m hoping to pick up while I’m there. πŸ™‚

I’ve also put together my own BEA floor plan. Of course there’s an official one on the website, but I find it overly complicated and hard to navigate. It’s tough to find the booths I’m actually interested in the huge sea of booths. So last year was the first year I created my own. It simplifies the floor plan and highlights the booths I’m interested in.

Here it is if you’d like to take a look or print it out for your own use. πŸ™‚ It’s designed for A5 paper.

BookExpo America 2016 floor plan

Will you be at BookExpo America? Let me know!

What books are you looking forward to? Are you familiar with any in my list?

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  1. These books have such gorgeous covers! Good luck on finding them Ashley and I can’t wait for your BEA recap. πŸ™‚ Being half a world away from US and not being able to attend BEA makes me excited (and okay, a little jealous) of everyone’s recap.

  2. Unfortunately, no BEA for me this year. πŸ™ I’m hoping to go again when it’s back in NYC next year. The Iron Man book looks really interesting. I hope you have a great time, Ashley!

  3. Squee. I love the “books I want at BEA” posts. They’re so much fun. I’m excited because I’ve been working on my own post. Anyway! I wholeheartedly agree with Holding Up The Universe, One Paris Summer, 738 Days, The Lovely Reckless and The Sun Is Also A Star. I seriously need them all.

    I’m going to definitely have to try to print out your floor plan, it’ll so helpful to use. Hopefully we can see each other at BEA!

    Amber recently posted: Benefits To Rooming Alone (BEA16)
  4. I’ve started stalking the pub’s emails BEA (on the library side of things) and I sure hope they bring more than they are “saying”!!! I didn’t even think to do an email like this b/c there’s a Sky Pony Press book I’d like to get my hands on!!

    I’m just hoping it’s not a bummer for you this year b/c it’s in Chicago and not NY and some publishers aren’t bringing their “full teams” – BOOOOO!! (i.e. Berkley isn’t coming b/c they just went to RT)

    I hope I DO see you there!! Getting in around noon on Tues…

    1. Yeah I’ve definitely heard that a lot of pubs are doing/bringing less because of the distance. πŸ™ It sucks, but I’m sure it will still be a fun event.

      I arrive late Tuesday evening but hopefully I’ll see you around Wed – Fri at some point. πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve done a terrible job planning for BEA this year. I’m glad it’s in Chicago so I can just drive in each day but sad publishers are not bringing as much. Although ALA has always gone well here. Thanks for the floor plan, I always think hmm I wonder if Ashley will have cool helpful things on her site for BEA. lol

    1. Yeah it’s a bummer that there will be less going on, but I’m sure it will still be plenty of fun. πŸ™‚

      1. Maybe the pubs should start opening up some offices outside of NY and inside Chicago! I feel like we only have Albert Whitman and Sourcebooks here in Chicago.

        I will be going to BEA this year since it’s in my home state. I can never find the money or extra vacation days to be able to go to the NYC events :/

        Thanks for the helpful map! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Ashley, I love all of your book recs and am so glad you posted this list. My mom (book seller extraordinaire) goes to the BEA every year and I just emailed her to keep an eye out for these books. Now I wish I would have accepted her invite to go and we could have met IRL. Maybe next year! Have fun.

  7. Wait wait wait Eoin Colfer is writing a book about one of my favourite superheroes EVER?! How did I not know this before? (Thank you for sort of informing me about this, ha ha ha!) (I wish I was able to go to BEA so I could score that book and hopefully others as well… Oh maybe one day).

    Nessa recently posted: Bookshelf update 2016, part one!
    1. I hope you’re able to get your hands on it soon and that you love it!! πŸ™‚

  8. Hi! Greeting from Pucci Publishing.
    We are a Costarican publisher and this we are participating in the BEA for the first time with our photography coffee table books.
    Please visit us on booth 1075.

  9. I can’t believe that BEA is next week!! I am so beyond excited. Can’t wait to see you and hang out! And of course, get all the books! I still haven’t made my schedule… fail. That’s my goal this weekend! I’m most excited about Heartless though. I need that one!!

    1. Oh my gosh I know!!! I’m so excited too!

      I’m looking forward to Heartless as well but I didn’t put it on my list because I suspect I won’t end up getting it. I’ll try, but I reckon everyone is going to be swarming for that book, haha.

      1. Yeah it’s going to be crazy. But they are doing both her ticketed signing in the autograph area and a ticketed in-booth signing so hopefully that helps a little with the crazy. I’m going to try for the in-booth one. Those are normally a little more sane.

  10. Hi Ashley I will be there as an author! So exciting. I used to visit as a writer for Happenigs media but I’m so looking forward to the experience as an author. Stop by at 11:00 on Saturday boothe 2374, next to Harlequin and I’ll set a copy of my new book Divine Hotel aside for you. I’m printing your map too, so helpful.

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