How to Create Dynamic Featured Images in WordPress

When most people want a featured image (say a regular graphic for a “Discussion” feature), they use the “Set featured image” option inside WordPress. However, if you’re like me, you create feature graphics to match your theme. But then what happens when you change your […]

How to Install Twitter Cards on Your WordPress Blog

How do you install twitter cards? The twitter API isn’t very clear on what I’m supposed to do and all the tutorials I’ve found online are outdated. I can’t figure it out and I would love to have them! Thanks Ashley! Jessica Hi Jessica! First, […]

How to Add Graphical Quotation Marks inside Blockquotes

I would love to know how you made quotation marks frame the text within your blockquotes. Kelly Hi Kelly! There are several ways to do this. You could use multiple background images, but I personally use Font Awesome icons. To get started, read my guide […]

Migrating Your WordPress Theme from a Foundation Design to Bootstrap

I build all of my websites on a responsive framework. Originally, I started using the Foundation framework by ZURB. But recently, I experimented with Bootstrap and decided to switch. However, this proposed a few problems for me. In the version of Foundation I was using […]

Using Different Google Fonts for Headings

Hello, Ashley! I’m wondering if you could give us a tutorial in how to add different Google Fonts to the headings for our posts. I mean a different font for Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc. 😀 Thank you! Anna Hi Anna! 🙂 First […]

How to Make Your Background Image Fill the Whole Page

I have come across a lot of blogs that have a graphical background image that doesn’t repeat and doesn’t fill the whole page. Often times these people pick a background image that looks perfectly fine on their computer, but on a larger screen it’s obvious […]

Learn the Difference Between <b> and <strong> in HTML

Hey Ashley! I’ve been trying to learn HTML, and I noticed that it taught me some formatting that I’m not used to like bold and italic being (well I forgot) but I think bold was <b>. And I know bold is in the normal editors. […]

Change the Width of WordPress Dashboard Columns

Most users are aware of the new 3.8 update. With this update, came a brand new admin interface! I personally love the change. It makes WordPress feel so much more modern. The admin interface has been the same for many years, and it was […]

How to Link to Sections Within a Post

If you like to neatly organize your posts into “section”, then listen up! Hey, Ashley. So, this is reeeaaaally embarrassing for me because I consider myself pretty computer/coding savvy, and I totally used to know how to do this, but I seem to have forgotten […]

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