My Favourite Facebook Groups for Blogging, WordPress & Business

3 reasons why Facebook groups rock!

Facebook groups are a huge thing now.

  • Screw Facebook pages.
  • Screw life updates.
  • Screw cute cat pictures. (Not really, I still love those!)
  • …Hello groups!

Groups are a great way for you to connect with like-minded people, make connections, ask and answer questions, and even get clients.

Become known as the ________ expert!

If you’re looking to establish yourself as an expert in a certain niche, then spend time answering peoples’ questions in Facebook groups. Not only are you helping people in the community, but people who frequent the group will start to recognize you and associate you with that topic (win!).

  • Become the email marketing badass.
  • Become the WordPress ninja warrior.
  • Become the blogging rockstar.
  • Become the knows-everything-about-sponsored-posts biatch.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite groups:

  • #GirlsOnWP WordPress Women Development

    A hub for fierce, intelligent women who make things happen with WordPress.

  • Advanced WordPress WordPress Development

    The idea behind this group is simple, a place for WP developers on Facebook to meet and share ideas and knowledge with a focus on the most advanced features and functionality without necessarily having to go into any basics.

  • Blog + Biz BFFs Blogging Freelancing

    A place for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to lend support, give feedback, and share advice.

  • The Shelancers Club (paid) Freelancing Women

    Welcome! We are a private community of female freelancers, helping each other build better businesses and providing each other with feedback, advice and support on all things freelance.

    Register on

  • Unstoppable Design and Dev Crew Design Development

    This group is for web designers and developers only.

  • Web Appeal Blogging Freelancing

    Web Appeal is a group for creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers, and other website DIYers to learn and share knowledge on all things website related. Maintaining a web presence can be difficult and it’s our goal to make things a little bit easier. So whether you’re tech savvy or not, join us!

Before joining a group…

Read the group description.

Screenshot pointing out the location of a Facebook group description.

Make sure it sounds like something you’re interested in. There’s no point in joining a group about WordPress if you use Blogger and have no intention of switching (or vice versa).

Follow any instructions.

Instructions can sometimes be found in the group description. You may be asked to read a page of information/rules or sign up somewhere.

After joining the group…

Follow any instructions (again! I know..).

  • If they say no promo posts, don’t promote your own stuff.
  • If they say no affiliate links, don’t post affiliate links.
  • …you get the point.

Answer questions!

If you can contribute an answer to a question, go for it! Even if you’re not an authority on the subject, you can still chime in with your own experiences and opinions.

For me, groups are all about pooling knowledge and experience. This is the process I love:

  • Someone asks a question.
  • 10 people chime in with their thoughts, opinions, experiences, and facts.
  • The OP (person who asked the question) gets to read all the answers and decide what response(s) best suits their situation and needs.

In other words: absorb all the information and choose what feels best and most relevant.

Ask questions!

Facebook groups are full of YOUR PEOPLE. Your support group. Take advantage of it!

  • Ask for opinions and advice.
  • Get help when you need it.
  • Get recommendations.
  • Share your successes, failures, and launches (when/where appropriate).

Are you in any Facebook groups? Share your favourites in the comments!

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  1. I think Facebook groups are extremely underrated. I’ve been quietly following #GirlsOnWP. I don’t think I’ve answered or posted any questions there, but I’m learning a lot from the posts 😀 Other groups I’ve joined are: Indie Chicks Writer Network, Call Me Ishmael Volunteers, Caffeinated Book Club, Build a Bookish Business and Soundsgood Curator Community 😀

    Priscilla recently posted: Dig Two Graves: Review + Tour Stop
  2. I have never loved Facebook as much as I do now, and that’s because I’m getting value out of being part of these groups. I’m part of Blog + Biz BFFs and For Love + Money, and I’m also part of #GirlsonWP and Build a Bookish Business. I wish that group was more active, though! *nudge nudge* But yeah, I seriously check Facebook obsessively now.

    Shannelle recently posted: Some Time for Thanks Giving
    1. Hrrm. It looks like maybe the group permissions have been changed to ‘Secret’ so you have to be a member to even see the group at all.

      Sorry! 🙁

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