Fear of missing out on limited edition books

I have a huge fear of missing out on limited edition books… even books and series I haven’t read yet! I know it’s ridiculous and not the end of the world if I do miss out, but I can’t talk myself out of it.

Please tell me I’m not alone!

It started with the Well of Ascension

Leather-bound edition of the Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

This was the first time I realized I have a problem. The leather bound edition of the Well of Ascension was released at the end of 2017. Now keep in mind at this point I hadn’t even read the first Mistborn book, The Final Empire. But the book was so damn beautiful and I was terrified of it selling out because I wanted it so badly… even though I’d never even read the first book in the series!

I understand lusting over special/limited edition books that you’ve read and loved, but is it nuts when it’s for #2 in a series and you haven’t even read book #1? What if I bought this expensive copy of the Well of Ascension, read The Final Empire, and hated it? Then I’d have this expensive copy of book #2 that was kind of useless to me.

I did end up buying the book, but luckily I ended up loving The Final Empire and Well of Ascension.

Then there was Golden Son

First I have to say I have not read Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

I was browsing on Twitter and stumbled across this gorgeous limited edition of Golden Son (Red Rising #2). There were only 526 copies of the Red Rising limited edition released and now it’s nearly impossible to get ahold of. AND LOOK HOW GORGEOUS IT IS! My love for these editions is made greater by the fact that I don’t love the normal editions (below).

So now, even though I have not read Red Rising, I’m itching to purchase the Subterranean Press edition of Golden Son because I’m afraid of missing out on it, like I missed out on Red Rising.

I feel silly because I get so worked up over missing these books when I don’t even know if I like them or not!

Do you get worked up over shiny limited/special edition books? Have you ever bought one even though you’d never read the book or series before?

Also: have you read Red Rising? If so, what did you think?

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  1. I used to buy a lot of limited edition books – especially from Subterranean Press (they have gorgeous books!) but for some reason I just stopped. I had hit a reading slump so maybe that was part of it.

    So even though I don’t do it anymore – I get it! lol

    1. I’ve never bought anything from Subterranean Press before so this would be my first.

      Odd that you just stopped! I guess a reading slump might explain it though. When I’m in a slump I just have zero bookish motivation.

  2. Yes! I felt that way about “The Cruel Prince” by Holly Black (before I had even read it), BUT in my defense I absolutely adore Holly Black’s writing so it was an automatic love for me. It’s a lot similar to loving a baby that’s not born yet, you know? I love my books, they are my children!

    1. I guess having a prior experience with the author would at least increase your chances of liking the book! 😀

    1. Woohoo!

      It seems like my friends on Goodreads either LOVE LOVE LOVE the book or didn’t finish it lol.

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m glad I found someone else with my problem! Haha I’m exactly the same! I actually have three of the Red Rising saga books (all signed when I met Pierce) but have yet to actually start reading them. Oops. Seeing these special editions is really tempting me to buy them though. >_<;

    1. It’s so cool that you have signed copies!

      I feel like I’m so late to the Red Rising game that I’ve just missed all his signings here in the UK haha.

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