Which Font Would be Your BFF?

If fonts could talk... Let's look at some fonts with serious personality.

Font hunting is SO MUCH FUN.

As you may know from reading about my logo design process, I always start by choosing a font because it helps me build inspiration for the rest of my design.

But how do you know which font to choose?

You could just pick which ever one screams AMAAAAZING when you look at it, but you should also stop to think about what the font is saying. Fonts totally have personalities!

  • Is it serious and sophisticated?
  • Is it fun and relaxed?
  • Is it young and quirky?
  • Old and traditional?
  • Classy and feminine?

Your font can help set the mood for the rest of your website.

Before choosing your font, ask yourself this: what impression do you want people to get of you and your website? When you look at a font, imagine the person who might have hand-written those letters. What kind of person are they?

Now with that in mind, let’s take a look at a few fonts I’ve put together and what messages I think they convey.


Angely font - fun and flirty

I look at Angely and I see fun, flirty and outgoing. This girl is fun, bubbly, BFF material. She’ll decorate your locker to surprise you on your first day of high school.

Bebby Washington

Bebby Washington font - Feminine and classy

Bebby Washington is a little more refined. She’s feminine, classy, and not exactly “wild and crazy”. She’s quiet and put together.


Beloved font - Natural and handmade

Beloved is all natural and handmade. I’m totally picturing a girl who started an organic food business and hand-writes all the food labels with a sharpie. I bet her hand hurts like a bitch.

Brawls Typeface

Brawls Typeface - quirky and playful

Brawls is a quirky fellow, aren’t you? I see Brawls as a company, rather than an individual, but the kind of company that aims to be super friendly and personal to all its customers/clients. I bet they give away funky stickers or quirky t-shirts for free that nobody would actually use, even if they are kind of cute. (A for effort, Brawls!)


Claudia font - professional and friendly

Claudia is clean, professional, and organized. She’s totally got her ducks in a row, if you know what I mean. She has a paper planner and HOT DAMN she is owning the shit out of it. Stuff is colour coded and days are all mapped out.

But don’t let her organized nature let you think she’s got a stick up her ass. She’s super sweet and friendly, and would love to chat with you about how she nailed her business workflow (and how you can too!).


Furach font - natural and woodsy

Natural, woodsy, probably carved into a tree (with rough expertise). Furach actually makes me think of a Disney movie.

Harsh Typeface

Harsh font - rebellious and fierce

Oh yeah, Harsh is totally harsh. Rebellious, fierce, maybe even goth. I bet you’ll find Harsh at a death metal concert.

Hepburns Type

Hepburns type - Young and playful

Adoooorable! That’s what Hepburns is. Young, playful, totally naive, and probably a child.. the kind who likes to frolic through a meadow.

Layla Brush

Layla brush - artsy and bold

Layla means business. Badass, bold, artsy business. She wields her brush like a fucking sword. If you’re in her way when inspiration strikes… may The Force be with you.

Le Petit Parisien

Le Petit Parisien font - homemade and elegant

I see someone who’s elegant, but with a touch of homemade. She likes style, but likes to add a bit of flair.

Mia Bella

Mia Bella font - girly and DIY

Mia Bella has overdosed on hearts. She’s girly, if the hearts weren’t indicator enough, but also very into the DIY scene. She’s the kind of girl who’s got a Filofax planner decked out TO THE MAX. Stickers, colourful paper, neon highlighters… she probably even sprayed some perfume in there. And she probably painted her own bedroom walls.

Moon Light

Moon Light font - fun and organized

Here’s another fun and organized type. But a slightly different kind. I see organized with a flair of messy. You know, the kind that doesn’t necessarily look incredibly organized or scary-clean, but it’s organized TO HER. She knows where all her shit is and she knows how to rock it like a boss. Then she’ll take you out for drinks to celebrate.

Naive Fantasies

Naive Fantasies (bold) - bold and a dreamer

I wrote down “bold // dreamer”, and now as I’m going over this again, I finally put that next to “Naive Fantasies” and you know what that sounds like? A girl who has awesome, exciting dreams… that never actually happen. Now I’m all upset!

I like to think that our font’s dreams will come true.


Sobbers font - playful and impulsive

Sobbers will take you out for one hell of a party and you’ll come back with matching tattoos.

Looking for some fonts with fun personality?

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So if you’re in the market for a new font with personality check out their August Font Bundle.

This is one of those “sorry, but not sorry” things. I’M SORRY for tempting you with this epic font deal. I know how irresistible they are. But it’s such an awesome deal so I’m not that sorry.

Buy 49+ fonts for $29

Tell me which font is your favourite! Which one sounds like your BFF?

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  1. I love fonts! I have a seriously unhealthy horde of them.

    Le Petit Parisien is a classy lady. She bakes homemade scones, cooks dinner from a French cookbook after cleaning her kids’ finger paint off the fridge. She also may or may not wear a frilly apron and makes no effort to “sneak” glasses of wine.

    At least, that’s my opinion šŸ˜‰ Great post Ashley. I’m going to go have a talk with my bank account…

    Dani @ Novelfly recently posted: Kick Push by Jay McLean [Review]

    How did you even come up with this?! I feel like you nailed each font like SPOT. ON. My favorite is actually Angely, the first one. It’s so cute and fun!! I’m falling in love with The Hungry JPEG fonts dear goodness.. thanks a lot.

    JK LOVE YOU FOR SHARING THESE. Such a fun post!! <3

  3. My faves on this list are Layla Brush and Sobbers.
    I think I really need to get looking around at fonts again – so many wonderful ones.
    And I love that you wrote about the feelings they each evoke.

    I’m not sure which one would be my BFF though. Touch choice.

    Chrystal recently posted: Sometimes...
  4. Kind of dying at Claudia because I scrolled through the pictures, determined it as my favorite, and then read your description and it might as well be my bio haha. Words like “paper planner,” “color coding,” and “workflow” make my heart race. For proof, just look to the link in my CommentLuv. Type A all the way. šŸ˜›

    Although as anal retentive as I am with my work and side projects, my non-professional life is probably more Moonlight. Like, I don’t use my closet – I keep all of my clothes in piles on my floor. BUT I know what each pile is for and which clothes are in each one, and can get ready in the morning faster than my boyfriend, who does that boring “hang up and fold your clothes” thing.

    Brittany Berger recently posted: How Iā€™m Organizing 2015
    1. Oh my gosh it’s totally awesome that you found yourself in Claudia!

      And yeah I think someone can be totally type A but still an awesome, fun person. I know people can be very different socially vs professionally, or even in other weird aspects. Like I get SUPER ANAL about people resizing or moving around my windows on my computer (like if they change the size of my Skype window.. OMG RAGE!) but in other areas I’m soooo relaxed and not picky at all.

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  6. I really enjoyed this post! I love looking at fonts, though I am not a serious font hoarder like a blogger friend of mine. Speaking of her, I really need to share this post with her, she’ll love this!
    I think the font that will suit me the most would be Angely! It totally speaks to my soul:) And my favourite is probably Layla Brush. It looks so arty and gorgeous!

    Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales recently posted: LITHW #6 : Let's discuss about discussion posts

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