Want to Join a Membership Site for Bloggers?

I have a fantastic idea. Well I think it’s a fantastic idea, but the question is do you?

At first I planned on creating a second e-course. My first e-course was about how to make your own WordPress theme. My second e-course was going to be geared towards learning how to code—an introduction to HTML and CSS. But then I got a better idea.

A membership site for bloggers

Imagine a paid membership site for bloggers and aspiring designers/developers. When you join, you get access to exclusive content and course material including the e-course I just described (learning HTML and CSS). But you also get other exclusive material like WordPress guides, blogging tips, and resources.

In addition to getting this exclusive content, you’d also have access to a private forum. This forum would allow you to connect with me and all the other members. This is where you could get coding help and advice. Ask any question about blogging, coding, WordPress, or plugins, and I’ll be there to answer it for you (along with all the other members).

In short, my idea is a community and resource for bloggers.

What do you think?

I personally think this is an awesome idea. This is something that I’d actually join if I weren’t looking to create it myself. I just love the idea of being in a smallish community with fellow bloggers and aspiring designers/developers.

But something like this can only take off if you are excited about it too! So let me know what you think. 🙂 Please help me out by taking a minute to respond to the below survey. This will help me get some feedback on the idea and determine whether or not it’s worth pursuing.

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Be notified if/when the site launches

If you want to be emailed if/when the site goes live, simply sign up for the email newsletter list below. I’ll only email you more details about this membership site.

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    1. Ugh that’s what I get for tweaking my email subscription plugin and not checking to see if it’s all still working. 😛 If you sign up again it should work now.

    1. I think if I go through with this I would have either a free trial or super discounted price for the first month, so you could always just hang around for a month for the course material or something. 🙂

    1. Yeah there are a lot out there, but I don’t think there are any in the book blogging community niche. Most of these sites are in some kind of niche and I know I personally would feel a little out of place if I joined one in the lifestyle blogger community (as an example).

      I like the idea of creating a site around people who already have something in common (book blogging).

      1. That’s what i like in your work is mostly turn into the book lovers and bloggers and when i sign into something i’ll be among people that share same interests and have suggestions, ideas, doubts etc and they are inside the same community: book bloggers and i’ll not feel lost!

        Vera recently posted: 2015: Os meus desejos
    1. Ugh sorry about that. I messed with my email subscription code a few weeks ago and it looks like I never made the same changes to the signup form shortcode…

      It should work now. 😛

  1. Tried to subscribe but like the others it took me to a blank page that just had a ‘0’ on it. But yeah, I like this idea. I honestly don’t know how much I would pay for it – it would really come down to exactly what the site has to offer. 😀

    Jaki recently posted: Fifteen – Jen Estes
    1. Ugh sorry about that. I messed with my email subscription code a few weeks ago and it looks like I never made the same changes to the signup form shortcode…

      It should work now. 😛

  2. Well great idea would love to learn everything about coding, but what I earn at the moment too small.

    1. If I go through with this I’d probably have a discounted price for the first month (something super low like $1). 🙂

  3. YES YES YES. All the yeses. What about being able to talk about books, too? I know we all generally blog, but to just generally squee over books and chat about them? Would that be a possibility? I LONG to talk to people about books, in a more personal way!

    Leah recently posted: Coming Soon!
    1. Yeah I would probably have some kind of “off topic” board on the forum where we can just chat about whatever. 🙂

  4. I would be very on board with this! I think it would be great if you separated it into beginning, intermediate, and advanced coding levels because some of us know quite a bit of CSS & HTML, WordPress, and even some basic PHP code. Just tossing in my two cents. ;D I hope this takes off!

    Sydney recently posted: Looking Back, Moving Forward
    1. Sadly I can’t offer as detailed tips for Blogger since it’s not the platform I use, so I’m significantly less familiar with it. 🙁

    1. Are you sure you typed it in correctly? I just added you myself using the form and didn’t have any issues.

      1. Okay, I think it was my fault! I was putting my name first, then my email. Didn’t realize until now that I have to put my email first, then my name. Maybe next time I should read it more carefully…

        Estrella recently posted: Christmas in Plasencia
  5. This is great Ashley, if I’m honest when it comes to WP I’m such an amateur, blogger was a lot easier to design because it was just HTML, CSS & JQuery but PHP is something completely foreign to me and I’d love to learn more. So I’m willing to pay for a subscription to help me advance.

    Georgie @ What She Reads recently posted: DESIGN & OTHER STUFF… WANDERLUST
  6. What a great idea! I know I always feel bad when I need help with something because you’re like the only person I know to ask and I know you’re constantly being asked for help. I wouldn’t feel so bad if I could pose a question to a community! And I wouldn’t mind paying a little. I wouldn’t be much of a resource though, I only know the basics (if that).

  7. I think this is a FANTASTIC idea and would be really helpful to a lot of bloggers. I know that, for me, I constantly link to your posts about blogging and design advice, and I know that you’d get a lot of viewers especially when you’ve shown yourself to be really capable of creating such an awesome community via this blog and Bookblogging.net. It feels like a lot of the blogs I visit have some sort of design made by you or are using your Tweak me theme. “my idea is a community and resource for bloggers.” — go for it! You are so, so knowledgeable, an invaluable resource to the community, and especially shown by that presentation at BEA ;).

    Christina @ Christina Reads YA recently posted: New Year's Bookolutions!

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