Rating Report Plugin

Rating Report Plugin
NOTE: This plugin requires a self-hosted WordPress blog. It is not compatible with Blogger.

About the Plugin

I’m excited to announce my newest WordPress plugin: Rating Report!

You can use this plugin to create an easy-to-use rating report for the books you review! You can configure five different categories and select a rating graphic from 13 different choices! Or, you can even upload your own graphics.

After configuring your settings, the five categories will appear on the post creation page, allowing you to select each rating from a dropdown menu. The overall score is automatically calculated from the average of all ratings.

You can opt to automatically include the rating report at the end of your post, or you can manually input it using the [rating-report] shortcode!

The appearance of the report is not customizable on the settings page, but everything is loaded with CSS classes, so if you know CSS you can easily modify the appearance a bit. 🙂


Download – FREE

Once you have the .zip file downloaded to your computer, login to your WordPress blog and navigate to Plugins » Add New » Upload. Click “Choose a File” to open the file browser and select the rating-report.zip file. Then press “Install Now”. Once it’s installed, activate it.

The settings page can be found under Settings » Rating Report Settings.

Want it Customized?

If you’ve been manually writing rating reports and want this plugin customized to better replace your old method, e-mail me with a description of what you want. Depending upon my availability and the customization you want, it might be free or I might charge a little bit.

I hope you guys like it!

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    1. They can be combined no problem! 🙂 If you do have any issues you can e-mail me, but I’ve tested them both together and they should both work fine when installed at the same time.

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