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New Books

Only one new book this week! I’ve been hearing some amazing things about this one. 🙂

Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios
Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios

Bee Photography

After a lot of cleaning and unpacking last week, Coding God and I took a break by sitting outside in the nice cool air. How was it so much hotter inside the apartment than outside??? Anyway, I noticed a couple bees flying near our flowers so I whipped out my camera and started snapping away! Those guys are so bloody hard to photograph. I took over 130 pictures and only about 10 of them were worth keeping.

Bee pollinating a flower

Bee pollinating a flower

Bee pollinating a flower

On another note, Coding God and I bought an air conditioner, so that solves our hot apartment problems! YAY!

TV: Chasing Life

I’ve started watching a new TV show that I’ve been excited about for a few months now: Chasing Life. It’s about a 24 year old woman who finds out she has cancer. I was drawn to it because I loved the main character just from the previews! She looks so sweet and like someone I’d want to be friends with. I’ve watched two episodes so far and I’m loving it!

Chasing Life TV Show

How was your week?

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    1. Thank you! I like how catching a bee in that moment makes them look so.. still.

      And Exquisite Captive isn’t too far off the story of Aladdin, so it makes sense that it reminds you of it! 😀

    1. Oh gosh, hummingbirds are the worst! Plus they sneak up on you. At least even if the bees move around, they tend to stay in one spot (like a flower bed or whatever). So you have time to see them, run and grab your camera, and come back and you can expect them to still be in the area. But hummingbirds are like:


      And disappear in 10 seconds.

  1. Ugh, Ashley, you’re so talented I can’t even. *O* Those pictures are pretty! They look like they should be in National Geographic or something. xD The only problem is that I’m frightened of any kind of insect (except maybe ants) so those pictures freaked me out a little, too. Still, love the colors and the focus.

    Ehhh, it’s boiling hot EVERYWHERE. I live near the equator so it’s humid as well, and we hardly turn on the a/c because electricity is so expensive over here. T_T At least I know one of us won’t melt this season. 😉

    Megan (Adrift on Vulcan) recently posted: This Week: Of Late Books

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