Torn Between Helping People & Preserving My Originality

Lately I’ve felt a bit torn. I feel like there are a couple unique aspects about Nose Graze (when it comes to coding/design), and I like to hang onto those. Surely it’s natural to treasure some of the unique features or snippets I’ve created? But […]

Sitting at Starbucks – New Books, Designs, Visa, & More!

Sitting at Starbucks: New Feature! I’ve decided to stop doing Stacking the Shelves and instead rebrand this feature into Sitting at Starbucks. I will still be showcasing new books I receive, but I didn’t want the feature to be limited (at least in the title) […]

Pick the Best Nose Graze Blog Redesign

Pick the Best Nose Graze Blog Redesign

I’m lost in a sea of blog designs. I’ve had the “want to redesign Nose Graze” itch for some time now, but I can’t seem to decide exactly what I want. I’ve been drafting tons and tons of redesigns and I’m not sure that any […]

Designing Your Blog in WordPress vs Blogger

Hi Ashley! I really enjoy your Bitchin’ Book Blog posts—they’re all so helpful. I have a question about coding (especially for designs) in WordPress. I’m not exactly a pro at HTML and CSS coding, but I can manage in Blogger, and I just wanted to […]

Do You Ever Really *Want* to Love a Blog… But Don’t?

There are a few blogs out there that I really want to love. I want to love them because their blog designs are GORGEOUS and I want an excuse to visit it every day. Or I want to love them because everyone else loves them, […]

Introduction to CSS: Making Theme Changes

How to make theme changes I have a great question from Jessica to share with you guys! This one is about navigating stylesheets and making theme changes in WordPress: I feel like I know my way around WordPress pretty well, but the stylesheet scares me. […]

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