Look What I’ve Done

Look What I’ve Done

If you didn’t visit Nose Graze yesterday, then you may want to head on over because things are looking a little different! I launched a new design… before I was ready. I’m very excited about my new design. You may know that I really struggled […]

Welcome to the New Nose Graze

Welcome to the New Nose Graze

So yesterday I accidentally launched my new blog design. The design itself was basically done. I kept convincing myself it still needed more tweaking, but honestly, it was done. But since I wasn’t convinced, I wasn’t planning on launching it for a few more days. […]

I’m Feeling Better! + Blog Designs + Cuckoo

The LitRate campaign is half over! The LitRate Kickstarter campaign is half over, but we’ve not yet met the 50% mark for the funds! Please help us push to the 50% mark and finally to our goal of $16,000 by backing the campaign or just […]

Books, Designs, Photos, & Feeling Bleh

New Books I got some fabulous new books this week that I’m REALLY excited about! It was Christmas on Edelweiss from HarperTeen! Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes Goodreads The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand Goodreads Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Goodreads A […]

Sitting at Starbucks – Post Your Reviews to Goodreads Automatically

New Books Blood Promise by Ashley Robertson Goodreads The Aftermath by Jen Alexander Goodreads I’m really excited for both these books! Ashley Robertson always rocks my world, and I think The Aftermath is going to be one giant nerdgasm. VIDEO GAMES!! Review to Goodreads I’ve […]

Sitting at Starbucks – Couch to 5K – I will OWN you!

New Books I’m psyched for Five Ways to Fall! I adore K.A. Tucker’s books. Sadly, I already read Depth of Field and didn’t like hit. 🙁 And huge thanks to Bloomsbury for sending me The Bone Season! It feels like this book is eeeeverywhere. Five […]

Why You May Not be Allowed to Edit a Design You Purchased

I got someone to do my blog makeover, before I started getting into web design, and although I’m not really good (yet!), I wanted to do another blog makeover, slightly changing their design and changing their coding. (Basically using their coding as a template.) 1. […]

Sitting at Starbucks – I’m so glad it’s over

Life This week has been one of the most hectic of my life! I’ve had to: Prepare for a final exam Work on my panel for BookExpo America Finish my wedding invitations Create a wedding RSVP website Then there were a few things I wanted […]

Sitting at Starbucks: New Books & Hot New Blog Designs

New Books I got so many fabulous new books this week! Most of these are from HarperCollins (Edelweiss). They have September/October release dates, but I think I’ll end up digging into them straight away. I’m just so excited!! Also I kind of love being one […]

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