Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blog Name + Free Worksheet

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blog Name + Free Worksheet

This isn’t my first post on how to choose a good blog name but I think I have some new points I can make for this series on how to start a blog. Choosing a name is probably the single hardest part about starting a […]

How to Choose a Good Blog Name

How to Choose a Good Blog Name

I didn’t spend enough time thinking and researching about my blog name before I created it (which is why I changed it from BookNook to Nose Graze), so hopefully I can write something that will help new bloggers start off on the right foot and […]

Good Web Design Practices – Advanced

Responsive Design These days, the best websites in terms of functionality are the ones that cater to all kinds of devices. People regularly web browse on their computers (large devices), tablets (medium devices), and smartphones (small devices). But the problem is that if someone browses […]

Good Web Design Practices – Beginners

I haven’t been a book blogger for very long, so I won’t pretend to be an expert on that. But I am a web designer and have developed many sites for myself and for clients. So hopefully I can use that information to help some […]

15 Must-Have Plugins For a WordPress Blogger

Last updated on 29th October, 2013 Here’s a collection of plugins that are essential for all WordPress bloggers! I use most of these on all my WordPress installations and websites I make for clients.. They will help reduce spam, improve SEO, and encourage subscribers and […]

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