How to Search Through a Blog That Doesn’t Have a Search Box

How to Search Through a Blog That Doesn’t Have a Search Box

When people talk about their blog pet peeves, one of the most common complaints I see is: “I hate blogs that don’t have a search box!” This isn’t something that’s ever bothered me because I have a trick up my sleeve! Today I’ll share it […]

How Best to Configure the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

I just read your article on focus keywords and you said that the focus keyword does not affect your SEO. So the YOAST plugin is not really an SEO optimizer, but rather an SEO analyzer? I know with Google’s Hummingbird update that meta-tags are not […]

Where to Find High Quality Book Cover Images

Hi Ashley! I was wondering how/where you manage to get ahold of the high quality book covers for your reviews and posts. I can only find smaller, poorer quality images of the covers – which is frustrating when I’m trying to create banners and blog […]

Goodreads Reviews Can Outrank Your Blog Reviews

Like many bloggers, I cross-post my reviews. I post them on Nose Graze, Goodreads, and sometimes Amazon. A few months ago, someone asked me if cross-posting book reviews will hurt your SEO. At the time, I did a lot of research before answering that question. […]

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