How to Search Through a Blog That Doesn’t Have a Search Box

How to search through a blog without a search box

When people talk about their blog pet peeves, one of the most common complaints I see is:

“I hate blogs that don’t have a search box!”

This isn’t something that’s ever bothered me because I have a trick up my sleeve! Today I’ll share it with you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Easily search any WordPress blog

All WordPress blogs have the exact same search format. The URL looks like this:

See that bit on the end? It’s always exactly the same on every site. It’s just:

?s={search query here}

Try it! Go to my address bar and try changing the URL to something like: to WordPress

Magic search results! No search box needed.

If they’re not on WordPress, it can still be done!

The above method only works for WordPress, but it’s still possible to search through other kinds of sites (like Blogger) as well. This is where you can harness the power of Google.

If your browser allows you to search via Google directly in the address bar, then all you have to do is type this into your address bar: Blogger to WordPress

So the format is:

site:{site URL} {search query}

This will perform a Google search, but ONLY on the website you specify.

Have you ever used one of these tricks?

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  1. This is amazing! I had no clue you could do this. Great tip, Ashley! I always get frustrated when I’m looking for something in particular on a blog and there is no search option. I’m definitely trying this next time I run into that situation! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sam recently posted: Blogging vs. Other Interests
  2. I tried the first method you said! It totally works, that’s cool. I’ve noticed it a few other times when I tried it on Tumblr before. I’ve also used the second method a number of times. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s so useful.

    Amber recently posted: All The Movies I Want To. . .Read?
  3. Ooh I’ve been doing this for forever! (Lol its so surprising to know that I know something you know, which is so rare!) I acceptably stumbled upon it, when I was looking for something else, and have been using it ever since. Its very useful especially for people like me who have a crap Internet connection and don’t want to waste the time it would take for a home page to load, and then use through the search box.

    Fahima @ I Read, Ergo I Write recently posted: Ten Tips to Write Better Book Reviews
    1. Sometimes it’s nice to use the Google one anyway because the search results might be more accurate.

    1. I actually read a very interesting post the other day about why this guy chose not to have a search bar. It was interesting to see another perspective. Too bad I can’t find the post now! Grr

  4. I hate blogs without search boxes too. *argh* I use google search when I want to find something on them (if I don’t just give up).
    I didn’t know about that trick for wordpress sites. It’s cool. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dragana recently posted: What Makes An Interesting Blog?
  5. I was so happy when I saw this post in my facebook feed. I think I even mentioned my dislike for blogs without a search box on one of your previous posts. Why did no one tell me this earlier! This is brilliant, I never thought of searching blogs any other way than with a search box. This is going to make my life so much easier, never searching for that search box again that not everyone has. Thanks a lot!

  6. Hello Ashley,

    I had been using this trick for long. The only problem with this trick is that the post should be indexed in the Google to be discovered. And the result is displayed according to the importance of page. such as internal links and backlinks. Whereas, the search box on a WordPress site will provide you more accurate result.

    1. The only reason it wouldn’t be indexed in Google is if it’s a brand new post. In that case then yes it will take a day or so to show up. Or, it wouldn’t show up if the author specifically asked Google not to index it, which is rare.

      When using the Google search this way, they’re displayed according to the relevance of your search term. So I would disagree with you. Google search is arguably more accurate. Especially because WordPress doesn’t include things like tags and other page content when ranking. So it’s possible to miss some relevant posts in the results.

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  8. I love those search URLs! I’ve customized the saved/default searches in Chrome using them to search blogs and websites through my URL bar/omnibar. For example, I can type “bb: romantic comedy” and press enter to search my blog for romantic comedy. It’s really helpful for things like Google Drive, my company’s FAQ site, blogs I frequently reference/link to, and let’s be real, ๐Ÿ™‚

    Brittany @ Book Bumblings recently posted: The Weekly Write-Up: Coming to NYC Soon?
  9. Using google search I easily fond a word in my bog. Is there a way to
    search only tags or links?

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