How to Design Your Own Logo

How to Design Your Own Logo

The Annie Sloan Hands logo (pictured in the photograph above) is a trademark of Annie Sloan Interiors Ltd. You know what one of the biggest must-haves is when designing your own logo? A huge bundle of inspiration. That’s why I love those super cheap bundles […]

Free “Verdict” Rating Graphics

Free “Verdict” Rating Graphics

At the end of my book reviews I show a “Verdict Image”, which is kind of my rating in words rather than stars. I use words like “Loved It”, “Liked It”, etc. I thought I’d compile a bunch of free verdict images for other reviewers […]

How to Create Your Own Social Media Icons

I’m going to walk you through how to create your own social media icons for your blog. You can create icons that match your design, even if just by using the colours in your palette. 🙂 Requirements Photoshop: I suppose this isn’t really required but […]

Why You May Not be Allowed to Edit a Design You Purchased

I got someone to do my blog makeover, before I started getting into web design, and although I’m not really good (yet!), I wanted to do another blog makeover, slightly changing their design and changing their coding. (Basically using their coding as a template.) 1. […]

How to Know if You’re Allowed to Use an Image on Your Blog

Jennifer has submitted a fabulous question this week! With all the talk around the blogosphere of plagiarism, copyrights, and images, surely some of you must be wondering how to know if you’re allowed to use an image on your blog. So today we’re going to […]

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