How to Create a Scrolling Text Box for Large Chunks of Text

How to Create a Scrolling Text Box for Large Chunks of Text

When we have excerpts or chapter reveals on site I do not like to copy and paste that long doc into a post. I have using a Google Embedder but it can get annoying and glitchy. Is there anyway to add a scrolling text box […]

How to Customize Heading Tags With CSS

Hi Ashley! I was just wondering if you knew of a tutorial on how to customize heading tags? (h1, h2, etc.) I can’t seem to find any that worked online! This will require a bit of CSS knowledge, but for the most part it’s pretty […]

How to Use Font Awesome in Lists

If you haven’t already, please read How to Use Font Icons on Your WordPress Blog first. This tutorial requires that you have Font Awesome installed. Jessica sent in the following tutorial request: Hey Ashley, I was wonder how you use icons, such as the heart […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Blockquotes Just to Make Pretty Boxes

Why You Shouldn’t Use Blockquotes Just to Make Pretty Boxes

A lot of people seem to think that because blockquote are often styled differently in themes, that means that blockquotes = pretty coloured box. Therefore, many of those people then use blockquote tags when they’re not quoting something, but just when they want the text […]

Learn the Difference Between <b> and <strong> in HTML

Hey Ashley! I’ve been trying to learn HTML, and I noticed that it taught me some formatting that I’m not used to like bold and italic being (well I forgot) but I think bold was <b>. And I know bold is in the normal editors. […]

Learning How to Convert a Design into HTML/CSS

I have been designing blog themes in a program similar to Photoshop but now that I am trying to convert my designs to CSS/HTML & it’s not going well. Any tips, advice or tutorials would be very helpful. Thanks, Elizabeth Hi Elizabeth! Unfortunately it’s kind […]

How to Link to Sections Within a Post

If you like to neatly organize your posts into “section”, then listen up! Hey, Ashley. So, this is reeeaaaally embarrassing for me because I consider myself pretty computer/coding savvy, and I totally used to know how to do this, but I seem to have forgotten […]

Creating Images, Button Grab Codes, ARCs for International Bloggers

Table of Contents How to Create Images Adding Button Grab Codes ARCs for International Bloggers How to Create Images Hi Ashley, All my images are ready on my desktop and I’m stuck at STEP 2: how to create image URLs directly? (I’m using Blogger). Many […]

Introduction to HTML and Styling

HTML stands for hyper text markup language. It is the computer language you use to mark up a page and display elements in a certain way that your browser can understand. In this tutorial I’ll be going over three parts. The first is “the basics,” […]

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