Confession: I Hate Selling

I’ve never been one to do a really hard sell (I’ve talked about this before), but this year it seems to have gotten worse and worse. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m no longer just bad at selling, I no longer just dislike selling… […]

5 Ways I’ve Failed at Business (for better or for worse)

5 Ways I’ve Failed at Business (for better or for worse)

Running your own business is hard. I don’t have the answers. I stumbled into this business accidentally. I didn’t form it because I’m a “business expert” or “have a lot of experience”. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing. More often than […]

I’m Tired of Being Sold To

I’m not against the idea of making money. Other people do it, I do it, maybe you do it too. There’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes I visit a website and I feel like I’m being sold to ALL THE TIME. There’s no break […]

How Well Do You Market Yourself & Your Blog?

I’m not good at marketing myself. This becomes extremely apparent at conventions like BookExpo America. Some bloggers are AWESOME. They walk around handing out business cards, introducing themselves, going up to authors/publicists and saying “Hey! I’m a blogger!” or “Need a new blog design? I’m […]

Tips for Creating Book Blogger Business Cards

Tips for Creating Book Blogger Business Cards

Do bloggers actually need business cards? Book bloggers only really need business cards in two different circumstances: If you are attending a huge convention like BookExpo America or ALA. Or, if you regularly attend tons of book signings. If you constantly “market” your blog in […]

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