I’m Feeling Better! + Blog Designs + Cuckoo

The LitRate campaign is half over! The LitRate Kickstarter campaign is half over, but we’ve not yet met the 50% mark for the funds! Please help us push to the 50% mark and finally to our goal of $16,000 by backing the campaign or just […]

Books, Designs, Photos, & Feeling Bleh

New Books I got some fabulous new books this week that I’m REALLY excited about! It was Christmas on Edelweiss from HarperTeen! Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes Goodreads The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand Goodreads Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Goodreads A […]

Sitting at Starbucks – Post Your Reviews to Goodreads Automatically

New Books Blood Promise by Ashley Robertson Goodreads The Aftermath by Jen Alexander Goodreads I’m really excited for both these books! Ashley Robertson always rocks my world, and I think The Aftermath is going to be one giant nerdgasm. VIDEO GAMES!! Review to Goodreads I’ve […]

Someone Take These Pretty Designs Before I Die at the Gym

New Books I won It Felt Like A Kiss from Carolyn (Book Chick City). It sounds adorable and OMG that cover?? Too gorgeous! I’m DEVASTATED to report that I didn’t finish Breakable *sobs pathetically* I have a review scheduled for the end of the month. […]

Sitting at Starbucks – Couch to 5K – I will OWN you!

New Books I’m psyched for Five Ways to Fall! I adore K.A. Tucker’s books. Sadly, I already read Depth of Field and didn’t like hit. 🙁 And huge thanks to Bloomsbury for sending me The Bone Season! It feels like this book is eeeeverywhere. Five […]

5 Coding Projects I Hope to Complete in August

The past couple of months I’ve been so busy with custom design work, wedding planning, trips (California, Boston, New York), and finishing up school work that I have barely had time to work on my pre-made products. Well I’m blanking out my whole month of […]

My Web Design & Development Journey and Process

Hey Ashley! This is not really a question but rather just something I’m really curious about. What different things have you been through to get to where you are today? e.g. courses, schools etc. And also, now, when you create a blog theme, what different […]

Sitting at Starbucks – I’m so glad it’s over

Life This week has been one of the most hectic of my life! I’ve had to: Prepare for a final exam Work on my panel for BookExpo America Finish my wedding invitations Create a wedding RSVP website Then there were a few things I wanted […]

Sitting at Starbucks – Tips for BookExpo America

New Books Just one new book this week but I’m INSANELY excited for it!!! I adore Lauren Miller. Free to Fall by Lauren Miller Goodreads Blog Designs Jessie Marie Reads (client work) I feel weird for fangirling over my own design, but I LOVE THIS […]

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