Popular Post Categories, Page Views, and Trends

Popular Post Categories, Page Views, and Trends

The idea for this post came to me when I made the claim that book reviews are not the best way to boost your blog traffic. Instead, I argued that it’s about discussions and original features. While looking through my posts on the admin panel, […]

How to Track Page Views & Statistics in WordPress

Sometimes people moving from Blogger to WordPress can be confused about how to track page views. Blogger has a built-in page view counter (it’s highly inaccurate, but that’s not the point..), but WordPress does not. So how do you track page views in WordPress? Thanks […]

Google Analytics vs StatCounter

I’m wondering which of these two is better regarding counting unique visitors. Thank you in advance! Kezia In terms of counting page views and unique visitors, Google Analytics and StatCounter are EXTREMELY similar. Here is a comparison from one of my own days: StatCounter: 1,096 […]

Blogoversary Day 2: Statistics About the Books I Read

Blogoversary Day 2: Statistics About the Books I Read

Hey everyone! Welcome to day 2 of my one year blogoversary! Today I have some cool statistics I’d love to share with you guys about the books I have read since starting the blog! Source Stats This first table shows you how many books I […]

A New Year – Get Started With Book Review Statistics!

Want something even better? Check out the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin. It comes with the book review statistics feature already integrated, plus much more! NOTE: This plugin requires a self-hosted WordPress blog. It is not compatible with Blogger. Happy 2013 everyone! It’s a new year […]

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