Blogoversary Day 2: Statistics About the Books I Read

Statistics About the Books I Read

Hey everyone! Welcome to day 2 of my one year blogoversary! Today I have some cool statistics I’d love to share with you guys about the books I have read since starting the blog!

Source Stats

This first table shows you how many books I have received from each ‘source’. I know some people think that all bloggers do is get free books, but this table really shows that more than anything, I BUY a lot of books!!

Note: this table is only keeping track of books that I have reviewed on the blog. Obviously I have still received/purchased a lot of others that I have not yet reviewed, but they are not counted in this table.

Name Number of Reviews Average Rating
Amazon Freebie 2 Reviews 3 Stars
ARC From Publisher 12 Reviews 3.75 Stars
ARCycling 1 Review 4 Stars
Author 12 Reviews 3.71 Stars
Blog Tour 7 Reviews 3.86 Stars
Edelweiss 5 Reviews 3 Stars
Gifted 1 Review 4 Stars
NetGalley 31 Reviews 3.66 Stars
Purchased 72 Reviews 4.11 Stars
Traded 2 Reviews 3.50 Stars
Won 9 Reviews 3.94 Stars

Rating Stats

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you might have noticed that I hand out five star ratings like candy. I guess I am a pretty lenient star-giver, and maybe this table proves that. But I think it’s also important to realize that I don’t dive into books without doing my research first. I purposely try to pick and choose books that I’m fairly confident I will love. I read the synopsis, I read reviews, and I really question whether or not it’s for me before I dive in. I think this is one of the big reasons why I love so many of the books that I read.

Plus, I’m a feeler.

Rating Number of Books
5 Stars 53
4.5 Stars 11
4 Stars 37
3.5 Stars 14
3 Stars 22
2.5 Stars 6
2 Stars 11
1.5 Stars 1
1 Star 4
0.5 Stars 0
0 Stars 0
Did Not Finish 1

Average Ratings – Genre

Here you can see the average rating for each genre I have reviewed. Note that some books may fit into more than one genre, which is why there are so many results for each one.

Name Number of Reviews Average Rating
Abuse 6 Reviews 4.75 Stars
Action 4 Reviews 4.75 Stars
Adult 11 Reviews 4 Stars
Adventure 18 Reviews 4 Stars
Aliens 1 Review 4.50 Stars
Angels 5 Reviews 4.50 Stars
Biography 1 Review 3 Stars
Business 1 Review 3 Stars
Contemporary 45 Reviews 3.97 Stars
Crime 1 Review 5 Stars
Demons 3 Reviews 4.67 Stars
Dystopian 50 Reviews 3.89 Stars
Erotica 9 Reviews 3.56 Stars
Fairies 1 Review 2 Stars
Fairy Tale Retelling 4 Reviews 4.12 Stars
Fantasy 61 Reviews 3.91 Stars
Greek Mythology 2 Reviews 4.25 Stars
Historical Fiction 6 Reviews 3.83 Stars
Horror 1 Review 5 Stars
Humor 1 Review 4 Stars
Magic 7 Reviews 3.64 Stars
Mermaids 4 Reviews 3.88 Stars
Middle Grade 1 Review 4 Stars
Military 1 Review 3 Stars
Mystery 9 Reviews 4.06 Stars
Mythology 14 Reviews 3.86 Stars
New Adult 17 Reviews 3.82 Stars
Non-Fiction 1 Review 3 Stars
Paranormal 37 Reviews 3.81 Stars
Pirates 1 Review 4 Stars
Post Apocalyptic 15 Reviews 3.83 Stars
Rape 1 Review 5 Stars
Realistic Fiction 1 Review 2 Stars
Religion 2 Reviews 5 Stars
Romance 103 Reviews 3.90 Stars
Science Fiction 54 Reviews 3.99 Stars
Space 3 Reviews 4.83 Stars
Sports 1 Review 5 Stars
Steampunk 3 Reviews 5 Stars
Survival 3 Reviews 3.67 Stars
Suspense 4 Reviews 4.25 Stars
Thriller 3 Reviews 4.17 Stars
Time Travel 3 Reviews 4.17 Stars
University 1 Review 2 Stars
Urban Fantasy 4 Reviews 4.12 Stars
Vampires 4 Reviews 4.38 Stars
Werewolves 2 Reviews 3 Stars
Western 1 Review 3.50 Stars
Young Adult 121 Reviews 3.90 Stars
Zombies 2 Reviews 3.25 Stars

Average Ratings – Publishers

This is the same as before, but this time we’re calculating publishers! Note that this table excludes publishers for whom I’ve only reviewed 1 book. It’s also divided according to imprint.

Name Number of Reviews Average Rating
Aauvi House Publishing Group 1 Review 4 Stars
Amulet Books 1 Review 4 Stars
Atria Books 6 Reviews 3.58 Stars
Balzer & Bray 4 Reviews 4.50 Stars
Berkley Trade 2 Reviews 4 Stars
Bloomsbury USA Childrens 3 Reviews 3.83 Stars
C&C Legacy Publishing 1 Review 2.50 Stars
Cincinnatus Press 1 Review 3 Stars
Delacorte Books for Young Readers 1 Review 2 Stars
Dial 2 Reviews 3.50 Stars
Disney Hyperion 5 Reviews 3.90 Stars
Doubleday 1 Review 3 Stars
Dutton Juvenile 1 Review 3 Stars
Entangled Teen 2 Reviews 4 Stars
Farrar Straus and Giroux 3 Reviews 3.83 Stars
Feiwel & Friends 4 Reviews 5 Stars
Flux 1 Review 2 Stars
Greenwillow 1 Review 3.50 Stars
Harlequin Teen 8 Reviews 4.25 Stars
HarperCollins 1 Review 5 Stars
HarperTeen 18 Reviews 3.56 Stars
Henry Holt and Co. 1 Review 5 Stars
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 1 Review 4 Stars
Katherine Tegen Books 10 Reviews 4 Stars
Lansen Publishing 2 Reviews 4.50 Stars
Lerner Publishing Group 1 Review 4.50 Stars
Little Brown Books for Young Readers 1 Review 5 Stars
Margaret K. McElderry Books 1 Review 4 Stars
Metal Blonde Books 1 Review 4 Stars
Musa Publishing 2 Reviews 4 Stars
NAL 1 Review 5 Stars
Omnific Publishing 1 Review 4 Stars
Orchard Books 1 Review 4 Stars
Papoti Books 1 Review 5 Stars
Penny Press 1 Review 5 Stars
Putnam Juvenile 3 Reviews 3.33 Stars
Random House Books for Young Readers 4 Reviews 3.38 Stars
Razorbill 6 Reviews 4.42 Stars
Scholastic Point 3 Reviews 4.67 Stars
Scholastic Press 2 Reviews 3 Stars
Self Published 23 Reviews 3.89 Stars
Simon & Schuster 1 Review 2 Stars
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 1 Review 4 Stars
Simon Pulse 1 Review 3 Stars
Skyscape 2 Reviews 5 Stars
Sourcebooks Fire 1 Review 5 Stars
Spencer Hill Press 1 Review 3.50 Stars
St. Martin’s Press 4 Reviews 3.88 Stars
Sterling 4 Reviews 3.62 Stars
Strange Chemistry 3 Reviews 3.67 Stars
Tanglewood Press 2 Reviews 4 Stars
The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House 1 Review 1 Star
Tor Teen 2 Reviews 4 Stars
Viking Juvenile 1 Review 4 Stars
Walker Childrens 2 Reviews 4.25 Stars
William Morrow 1 Review 1 Star

Do you keep track of any statistics about the books you read? Which genres or publishers tend to be your favourite?

Note: All of these statistics were generated automatically! It’s a feature that’s also built in to the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin!

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    1. Hehe. 😀

      I think that as book bloggers we receive/buy soooo many books that it’s pretty important that we carefully pick and choose the ones we decide to read. We usually can’t read them all so we have to be selective. And it works out quite well, I think!

  1. Ashley, this is AWESOME. I admire you for putting together all these stats, because it was so cool to see your average ratings, then broken down different ways. I really ought to do something like this. 🙂

    Molli recently posted: Anna RAL – Reactions Post
  2. You just totally made me want to switch to whatever host you use for your blog. Those plugins are awesome! I’m so HTML stupid though so I’m scared. Can you do bloglovin with your blog? What about rafflecopters or sidebar widgets? Would I have to change my blog name or URL? Agh, too many questions!

    1. Hehehe 😀 You can do Bloglovin’, Rafflecopter, Sidebar widgets, and so much more! You can actually do more on WordPress than you can on Blogger (by far).

      You should be able to keep your same name and URL, but you will have to go through a few extra steps to move it over. You can even set it up so that you have the exact same URL structure (that way if someone tries to visit an old page on your blog, they get taken to the new blog but that same page).

      And if you’re really scared, you can find someone to hire to do it all for you.

      You could check out this post to hear from people who have gone through the process: Switching from Blogger to WordPress – Interviews With Bloggers Who’ve Done It!

    2. Also it’s important to realize that is different from The .com is the free version that you DO NOT WANT. You want the self-hosted version which is .org. Save yourself a headache and don’t get them mixed up!

  3. I forgot to add this in my last comment: How funny that you think you’re a lenient rater because I don’t see you that way. Not that I think you’re a tough rater because you’re not but I think you are very honest and fair. I love coming here and seeing 2, 3, 4 and 5 star reviews. Sometimes, I even get sick of all my 5 star reviews. But I’m super picky about what books I read. I sometimes get sick of going to blogs where 70% of the reviews are 3 stars. It’s like, do you love ANYTHING? I’ve learned that the majority of those reviewers are Calculators. I trust a Feeler’s reviews more than anything else!

    Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed recently posted: Swoon Thursday! (23) Twisted Perfection + Sweet Peril!
  4. Wow, I would have never thought to look at these statistics! I usually just do statistics by rating. I’m really interested now to do an average rating per pub for my own reads! And for genre too! There’s certain types of books that I almost never like…such as reaper and angel books (and of course erotica…not my cup of tea), but I almost always love stuff like high fantasy and dystopian. And werewolves (which it seems like you don’t like baha). Hmm. *curiosity*
    This is a great list, Ashley!

    Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads recently posted: Undersea Spoils (26) + YA2U Author Event!
  5. That is so cool! I don’t really keep stats, but I do tend to read A LOT of paranormal books and M/M romance novels along with YA paranormal/fantasy.
    Ashley A

  6. I love that you have all these stats, it’d be interesting to look back and see all the ratings I’ve given over the last couple of years

  7. I love books + I love statistics = I love this post! So much info captured I love it. Now I want to move wordpress and get the ultimate book blogger plugin more than ever 😀

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