What to Use as Tags for Your Blog Posts

When adding labels/tags to blog posts, which do you think are necessary? Do you think it’s necessary to have a label for every book series mentioned on the blog, etc, such as ‘Divergent’ ‘The Hunger Games’? I’ve had my blog for a few years but […]

I Challenge You to Clean Up Your Tags/Labels!

I’ve moved a lot of people from Blogger to WordPress. When doing so, I usually go through and convert most of their old “labels” to tags, because by default they’re all set as categories, but really most of them should be tags. When doing so, […]

The Difference Between WordPress Categories and Tags

I see a lot of people not using WordPress tags correctly, especially if that person migrated from Blogger. It’s perfectly understandable, especially because Blogger doesn’t have categories and tags; it just has “labels”. So how do you go from using just one (“labels”) to using […]

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