Why You Should Give Zero Fucks About Posting Critical Book Reviews

Reviews are not for impressing or pleasing publishers. Reviews are not for getting into a publisher’s “good graces” by showing them you love everything. Reviews are not for making authors feel good. Reviews are about you, your thoughts, your experiences, your opinions, and how you […]

How Long Does it Take You to Review a Book?

It takes me about ten minutes Throughout my years of book blogging, I’ve seen people talking about reviewing books, falling behind on reviews, or talking about their reviewing process. In these discussions, it often comes up (even if just in passing) how long it takes […]

What Do I Want in a Book Review/Cataloging Website?

Lately I’ve found that I’m spreading myself thin across the book review/cataloging websites. It has made me wonder: what the heck am I doing? Why can’t I just pick one site and stick with it? Why am I feeling uncertain? The different sites out there […]

Should You Contact the Author Before Posting a DNF Review?

Recently, a self-published author sent me a copy of her newest book because she thought it “fit the focus of my blog.” I agreed to read/review the book without reading the synopsis carefully. The book really isn’t my type of novel, but I gave it […]

I Have Trouble Reviewing Popular Books

I have so little desire to review “popular” or “hyped” books if I agree with the majority. I usually feel like I have nothing to add to what thousands of people have already said. I recently encountered this problem when I sat down to review […]

Reviewing Books With Different Covers, Imprints, and Information

I have a question about reviewing books when you have read the paperback edition. Most of the time paperback editions have a different cover & they are also published by another imprint than the hc. Now I’m wondering, if I review the book, should I […]

How to Write Great Reviews… By Not Trying To

How to Write Great Reviews… By Not Trying To

A couple weeks ago, someone confronted me on Twitter and suggested that I do a post on how to write great book reviews, because it’s something the person always struggled with. I sat with this idea for weeks and weeks, but never wrote the post. […]

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