Tweak Me v2 is Ready for You

Tweak Me v2 WordPress theme

The theme you’ve been waiting for IS HERE!

Tweak Me v2 has finally made its debut and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s beautiful, it’s packed full of features, and it’s ready for you to tweak the hell out of it!

I don’t need to hear anymore! LET ME BUY IT NAOOOO!

Awesome bloggers making Tweak Me v2 their own

Before I tell you about how awesome this theme is, why don’t you see for yourself? Here are some fabulous bloggers sporting the new theme:

Bibliolatry Me

Look how crisp and clean this design is. I’m pretty sure she chose the most gorgeous shade of blue on earth to work with.

Bibliolatry Me blog design

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Bookmark Lit

Bookmark Lit was one of the very first blogs to start using Tweak Me v2. Since she’s with Book Host she got access a little early. 😉

Bookmark Lit

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My Fashion Obsessed Look Book

This snazzy design uses the portfolio style post layout. The posts are in three columns and she even chose to omit the excerpt.

My Fashion Obsessed Look Book blog design

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Stay Bookish

Hazel decided to utilize the wigetized homepage feature of Tweak Me. She set up a custom landing page full of beautiful, awesome widgets. Then she has a separate page for the blog.

The homepage of Stay Bookish
The homepage of Stay Bookish

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Tangled Bookmarks

Check out this snazzy design! I’m in love with those colours and textures.

Tangled Bookmarks blog design

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Let’s talk features

Okay let’s get down to business and talk about why Tweak Me v2 completely ROCKS!

Six page layouts

Page layouts

Choose between one of 6 page layouts. You can choose a global default setting, but then you can also override this setting on any individual post or page. Great for creating dynamic layouts!

Five built-in presets

Tweak Me v2 theme for WordPress

Tweak Me v2 Flower preset

Tweak Me v2 Gold preset

Don’t feel like customizing Tweak Me yourself? That’s okay because I’ve created five designs for you! All you have to do is select the design you want and the settings will automatically update to match that design.

Drag and drop layout builders

» Header

Header layout builder

There are various layout builders throughout the settings panel. One is for the header. You can rearrange each element to make them appear in the order you want. If you want the header image at the very top, drag that box to the top. If you want a navigation menu at the top, then the header, then a second navigation menu, just drag the boxes in that order.

» Homepage

Homepage layout builder

There’s another for the homepage. You can rearrange each homepage widget area to put them in the order you want. You can also deactivate a widget area by pulling it into the “Disabled” column.

» Blog layout

Blog layout builder

There’s also a builder for the blog layout. You have full control over the order of information for the blog posts. There’s a layout builder for the blog archive page and a separate one for the individual post pages.

» Oh yeah, comments too!

Comment layout builder

Don’t forget comments! You can even change the order of information on those too. Plus there’s a plethora of other comment options awaiting you. Change the alignment of the avatar, give it rounded corners, style the comment backgrounds, borders, and fonts… The options are limitless!

And so much more!

Just like with version one, there are tons and tons of settings for adjusting colours, borders, fonts, and more. In fact, I actually had to remove some settings because I went past the limits of PHP. By default, PHP allows you to save up to 1,000 variables at once. This is the default setting. If you have more server control you can increase that if necessary. Well originally, Tweak Me v2 went past that limit (it was about 1020, I think). I had to cut things down a little in order to accommodate hosts that don’t allow you to change the default number of variables being saved at once. Crazy, huh?

If you own version 1, you get a discount!

Tweak Me v2 is not a free upgrade from version 1. The theme has been completely rewritten and recoded. Because of this, if you choose to buy the new theme your old settings will not transfer over. Tweak Me v2 uses a totally different settings panel. But as a thank you to all my Tweak Me v1 clients, I’m offering you 50% off!

To claim your 50% off discount code, all you have to do is visit the Tweak Me v2 purchase page, insert your license key for version 1 in the box, and click “Submit”. I’ll check your license key in the database and generate a discount code for you if it’s valid. This offer is valid at least through January 1st.

Are you ready to buy the last theme you’ll ever need?

Buy Now ($69) View Demo

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    1. Well it’s up to you. 😉 Version 2 is undoubtedly better than version 1. However, version 1 will still remain available as a great, cheaper option. Everyone who bought version 1 was very happy with it so it’s still a good theme. 🙂

    2. Priscilla, thank you for the lovely words about my blog design (Tangled Bookmarks). 😀 I can highly recommend the Tweak Me 2 theme – it’s SO easy to customize, (well, with a bit of help from Ashley on all my “omg! help!! how do i….” questions *grin* ).

  1. Awww!!! Thank you Ashely! This totally made my day! I absolutely love the theme, and I will be directing everyone to it. You outdid yourself this time. (I had been eyeing your Eliza theme, but I’m glad I waited. Tweak Me v2 has everything!)

    Lenore recently posted: Makeover!
  2. Thank you for the feature, Ashley! So nice to see my blog up there among the other beauties using your theme. I see I’m the only one who’s made use of the home page so far. This option was actually what really convinced me to buy the theme. I’ve always dreamed of having a landing page just to make my blog feel more like a website but it was just way too taxing to code for an amateur like me. (I had to make one before for an author website.) But you made it so easy to customize a home page with Tweak Me v2 and now I have the look I wanted- so thank you heaps! 😀

    Hazel @ Stay Bookish recently posted: Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless by Liz Czukas
    1. My pleasure! 🙂 I think there are a few people sporting static homepages with the Eliza theme. I’m sure more will follow with Tweak Me v2 in time. 😉 I’m glad you were able to get it just the way you want!

    1. Absolutely! I don’t have an end date for the discount in mind, which is why I’ve just been saying that I can guarantee it will last until January 1st. But I actually expect it to last much longer; I just don’t have a date in mind yet. I suspect more likely through February or even March 1st.

        1. Well if you use my hosting service the costs are as follows:

          * Hosting: $11.99 per month
          * Domain: $11 per year
          * Migration: free
          * Tweak Me v2 theme: free

          There are cheaper monthly options available at other hosts (like GoDaddy often does managed WordPress hosting deals for $1 per month) but then you’ll either have to do the migration yourself, or pay someone to do it.

          If you want to read about other web hosts, you can read my web host survey responses. 😉

          1. That doesn’t sound too bad actually – works out around £8 per month all in. It’s definitely something I’ve been thinking about, and I know it probably sounds silly, but committing to blogging by incurring costs just feels different than using a free site, but it’s so annoying when you can’t do additional features that you’d like to. How much is the book blogger plugin on top of that? And design charges?? R x

            1. If you use my hosting service, you get all of my plugins and themes free/included. 🙂 If you go with another service, then the plugin costs $35.

              Any custom design work costs extra, but if you just want to install and configure Tweak Me v2 yourself then that’s included free with Book Host. 🙂

                1. Rachel, sorry to just jump in, but I felt exactly like you did- not sure if I could justify the cost and everything, and I switched, actually right around my one year too. It was the best decision! The cost is so minimal that I don’t even notice it, and Ashley was so amazing with the transfer and everything (I couldn’t even imagine having to do it myself!) and it has just been so much better for blogging in general. And, I am having fun playing around with the Tweak Me 2, of course! I figured I’d throw my 2 cents in, because I honestly wish I hadn’t waited so long 🙂 Good luck with the decision!

                  Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted: Snark From the Ark: “The 100″ Episode 2.6 “Fog of War”
                  1. Thanks for commenting, Shannon! It’s always good to hear other people’s opinions who have made the leap! I’ll definitely be pondering it for the next few months now until I hit the year mark and then see how I feel. I’d love to be able to customise more and really “own” the blog!

                    R x

                    Rachel recently posted: HUGE Giveaway by Author Beth Revis!
                    1. Just jumping in here too, to HIGHLY recommend Ashley’s hosting service. The BEST decision I ever made. 😀 I’ve paid for hosting blogs in the past a lot, and I admit, when I first switched over to Ashley, I was of the opinion “hmm i’ll try it for a couple of months and see what I think”…and now, my opinion is “i will NEVER go anywhere else”. *grin* I’m in Australia and even with the conversion to Aussie money, the monthly cost is so minimal that I can easily afford it (and considering I’m unemployed and my hubby is on a disability pension, things we can afford are far and few between LOL) Plus Ashley responds to tickets SO FAST, and she’s ALWAYS so lovely. I have submitted some rather dumb questions to her but she has never made me feel like an idiot – even with little questions of the “um, how do I…” type, which I should really be looking up myself, she’s fast in her responses and always sweet. 😀 Honestly, I’ll not go anywhere else for hosting. 😀

                      Jaki recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #1
    1. Wow. Thank you Mel, for the lovely comment on my blog 😀 (Tangled Bookmarks) I was stoked to see Ashley had mentioned it – you wouldn’t believe how unsure I was over that design. 😀 I’m feeling very warm and fuzzy right now that someone else actually LIKED it. LOL. 😀

  3. Wow, you continue to amaze me Ashley! I’m thinking that the static homepage could be perfect for creating my author website and still being in WordPress since that’s all I know how to use. Question – I bought my domain spread but don’t have hosting setup yet. What would it cost me to do hosting and buy this theme (I have version 1, but for my blog, so does that discount transfer over for other purposes?)

    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun recently posted: The Barefoot Queen by Ildefonso Falcones
    1. You use the discount code to get the theme. Then you can use the theme on any of your sites. It doesn’t matter if you originally bought the theme for your book blog, you can still use v2 on a different site if you want. 🙂

      As for hosting costs, that depends on your host. Depending on who you’re with and what plan you use, you might be able to add a second WordPress installation to your current plan at no extra cost. You’d have to ask your host about that.

      So then you’d only be looking at the cost of the theme. With the discount, that’s $34.50.

  4. I should have read all of this thread before I made any decisions… I’ve had a lot of trouble with my host lately, and I want to switch to you, Ashley! However, I already bought the new V2 theme this morning.
    I think my migration would be a little different than moving from or blogger, sine I’m already self-hosted, but I’m sure you could still do it, right?
    I sent you an e-mail this morning, too, not sure if you got it or not.

  5. Tweak Me version 1 rocked. Tweak Me version 2 rocks even harder. LOL. Probably the GREATEST theme for WP there is. So so so easy to customize, and you can customize EVERYTHING. And omg Ashley, I was so thrilled to see you had mentioned Tangled Bookmarks there *excited grin*. I was tearing my hair out over that design, thinking that everyone would absolutely hate it – that I am probably Queen of Ghastly Designs. LOL. It was such a lovely surprise to see it, and to read the compliments from a couple of people here. I am in Fuzzy Heaven. 😀

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