Vote for Your Favourite Tweak Me Design!

Who wears the Tweak Me theme best?

We received over 73 nominations for the best dressed Tweak Me site! Some of those were duplicates, and a very small few had to be disqualified since they weren’t actually using Tweak Me, but we’re left with 46 AWESOME designs!

Vote for your favourite design.

Now is your chance to vote for your favourite. Pick carefully because you only get one vote, so you need to make it count.

First, here are a few official rules:

Voting Rules

  • You ARE allowed to vote for yourself if your site is featured here.
  • Only one vote per household is allowed. If you’re found to be trying to get around this, all your votes will be disqualified.
  • Voting ends August 12th, 2015.
  • The winner will be the person who owns the website that receives the most votes and meets the following requirements:
    1. They are able to receive an or gift card.
    2. I am able to find a way to contact them through their blog URL (via a contact page or email address on the site).
    3. They respond to my inquiry within 48 hours.

    If the first winner does not meet all the requirements, I will choose the person with the next highest votes and repeat the process until a valid winner can be chosen.

Click on the actual pictures to be taken to the live blog. Click the button below the picture to cast your vote.
If you’re reading this in an email or RSS reader, please click through to the blog post to cast your vote!
Voting is now closed!

Let’s talk about these awesome designs!

Let me know in the comments which ones you like best.

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    1. Same! I had so much fun going through all the entries. I also made sure to add them to the Nose Graze showcase, which will be coming back to the website soon-ish. 🙂

    1. Yeah they’re all pretty darn awesome! 😀 I love how different they all are. So many inspired ideas!

  1. It’s so fun how every blog looks so different and still uses the same theme. That’s what I love about the Tweak Me Theme. There are some blogs I hand’t heard of before, but alos quite some familiar ones. I can’t wait to hear who wins!

  2. I started a book blog a couple of months ago and I just discovered 46 bloggers in my niche. It’s usually hard to find them all at one place, so this contest helped me a lot. Thank you 🙂

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