Waiting on Wednesday (39) – Crush

Crush by Nicole Williams

Crush (Crash #3) by Nicole Williams

Publication date: April 23rd 2013

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A football fantasy. A giant diamond. The modern-day Romeo and Juliet are taking their relationship to the next level. . . .

Jude and Lucy are happily engaged, but that doesn’t mean life’s a bed of roses.

Once again, the hottest couple around is torn apart, this time by football training and a summer job. Now it’s Jude with the trust issues.

Will Lucy’s life-changing news bring them back together or end their relationship for good? Can love triumph forever?

Crush by Nicole Williams

I loved the freaking pants off of Crash and Clash !! I’m SO EXCITED for Crush! I can’t wait to dive back into the crazy emotional roller coaster that is this series!! I have high hopes, but I know that Nicole will deliver!

What book are you waiting on? Leave me a link or a note in the comments!

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  1. I just read your review of Crash – you really know how to pimp out a book and make a girl feel like she needs a copy RIGHT THIS SECOND! Lol

    While I haven’t heard of this series (until now) you can bet it’s on my radar now!

    kelly recently posted: WoW: Fragments
  2. I love your blog! And the cover is awesome! 🙂 I haven’t heard of this series before though. :))

    Great pick!

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Aki @ Bookfests in Bed

  3. I have NOT read this series yet! Oh jeez, another series to add to my TBR… I’m never going to get out from under my bookshelf!!! I’m adding it, though… I just ran over and lurked at your Crash review and man, you reeeaaallllly loved it so I’m going to definitely check it out 😀

    Thanks for visiting my wee blog… I’m coming back (when I have moola) for your newest plugin. I think I need a new toy…

    Kristin @ My ParaHangover recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday #18: A Darkness Strange and Lovely
  4. I SERIOUSLY need to read Crash and Clash soon! I’ve been hearing the most EPIC things about all of the books in these series! This is just reminding me that I have a LOT of catching up ahead of me!

    Eileen recently posted: Pivot Point by Kasie West
  5. I’m completely with you on this one! April needs to come sooner I can’t wait to continue their story! I need more JUDE!

  6. I loved Crash and Clash and I’m looking forward to this one too, but I am worried. How many more obsticles can they face and do I really want to keep reading about them? I’m not all that excited to read about a jealous Jude or her making stupid mistakes. I will wait for your review.
    For paranormal books, I think it’s okay to have long series. For contemporary books, I think they should stop at 2. Unless they continue to another couple’s story…

    1. Yeah I totally know what you mean. I just get sick of the doubting, the fighting, etc. But to be fair, that’s exactly how I felt about book 2 before I read it. The synopsis talked about fighting all the time and a cheerleader bitch “worming her way into Jude’s life”, and I was terrified of the book because of that. But I ended up ADORING it. So I’m hoping that Crush will be kind of like that too…

      *fingers crossed*

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