Why I Don’t Comment Back

Why I don't comment back

I see a ton of bloggers say things like:

“Whenever someone comments on my blog, I always comment back on theirs. They took the time to comment on mine, so I should return the favour.”

I TOTALLY get that. I really do. I think it makes sense and I respect anyone who does that. In fact, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome that they’d take the time to do that.

But I don’t comment back.

Here’s the thing… I love everyone who comments on my blog. I adore them for it! But I don’t always return the favour because I don’t want to feel obligated. I don’t want to visit a blog and sit there thinking to myself, “Hmm.. What’s a post I can comment on? What can I say?” I don’t want to go on a hunt for something that I can respond to.

I think comments should be made out of a genuine interest.

That means I comment if I visit your blog and naturally have something I want to say. I don’t want to FORCE myself to come up with something just to return a favour. It doesn’t feel genuine. There are tons of times when I read a blog post, enjoy it, but don’t comment. I don’t comment because I don’t always have something to contribute or respond to. Sometimes there’s just nothing for me to say.

And if I’m being totally honest, sometimes I visit a blog and there are no posts I want to read. That does NOT mean the blog is a bad blog, it just means I’m not the right audience for it. We all have different tastes and interests. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just means there are people out there whose blogs I don’t click with. Similarly, there are people out there who don’t click with my blog. And that’s okay!

On the flip side, I don’t want people commenting on my blog out of a sense of obligation. I want them to comment because they genuinely were affected by the post and feel like they have something to say.

How about you? Do you always comment back?

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  1. It’s funny, because I subscribe to your blog by email, and every time I read a post I think “I should totally comment” but don’t because once I reach the page I don’t want to seem like I’m just asking for a comment back. I only try to comment when I have something to say, but sometimes I feel obligated to comment back because I want to let them know that I “care”. Although I guess since my blog is so small, I actually have the time to comment back versus a blog with loads of commenters per day. Awesome post πŸ™‚

    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted: Review: My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga
    1. Thanks for commenting Marianne! If you feel like you want to comment, you should go for it!

  2. I don’t comment back, and I feel like I can tell when someone is leaving me a comment just because they feel like they need to, perhaps because they’re a “comment backer.” Those are usually the “Great post!” and “Nice job!” comments. Not that I don’t appreciate those as well, but I don’t want to comment if I don’t have anything of value to say.

    I do, however, try to respond to all comments. Sometimes I don’t have something great to say back, but still thank them for the comments. I know if my blog grows enough, that might be less doable though. I also do this because it’s just easier to continue the conversation they started, than start a new one. And I’m a very lazy person. Very, very lazy.

    1. Oh yeah, you can definitely tell when someone is commenting just for the sake of it. And those are the comments I usually don’t reply to because I have nothing to say back (other than “Thanks”, which I guess I sometimes say…).

      I definitely make an effort to reply to comments on my blog. But similarly, I only reply when I feel like I have something to say or respond to. It starts to feel hollow if I find myself replying the same thing to 5 people (just saying “Thanks” or whatever). But I find that MOST of the time I can find something to say and respond to.

  3. I personally like to comment back even if it’s just to say hi because I feel it builds a nice friendship/relationship with other bloggers. I like that they have taken the time to read and comment on my post, a lot of blogs these days aren’t inundated with comments – I know even receiving one as small or detailed as it could be makes me feel like my post was worthwhile so I like to do the same for someone else.

    A great post.

  4. I am the same! I’m a horrible commenter to start with, so there’s no way I’m going to force myself to comment on blogs just because they commented on mine. I’d love to be able to having something to say to everyone, but like you said, that doesn’t happen and it’s okay!

    And I think it’s really obvious when someone is just commenting back. I’ve noticed generic comments on my posts from bloggers who I’ve recently left a comment for, and that makes me feel bad. Like they’re obligated to say something to me just because I left a comment. It’s a weird feeling, since I know I didn’t make them do it, but I can’t help but feel it.

    1. I totally agree Angie. Sometimes I WISH I could repay the favour, but I can’t. I don’t want to force myself to read posts I don’t click with just to comment, because then I know I’ll be leaving one of those hollow “Great post” comments. And you’re right, you can totally recognize the “Just commenting back” comments.

  5. I sometimes read a blog post but don’t comment back. If I feel like the only thing I can say is..oh that looks like a great book..then it’s kind of lame..lol. I comment back more on memes that I participate in cause if they check out mine I check out their..but I subscribe to a lot by email and don’t always go to the actual blog to comment..depends on my time and if I have anything to say.

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: Audioreview of Lord of Vengeance
    1. Yeah I agree Stormi. I don’t like posting comments that are just like, “Great post” or “Thanks for the review”. When I do that, I really feel like I’m commenting just for the sake of it, rather than because I actually have something to say.

  6. I always reply to comments, but I usually don’t comment back. When I look through my comments, it’s on my phone in the car or during study hall, so I don’t really want to go browsing through blogs. When I do browse their blogs, I avoid feeling obligated to comment because I don’t want to leave any comments that aren’t sincere. I’m just following the golden rule because I don’t like seeing insincere comments on my blog (especially when I host giveaways).

    Dana @ The Nerdy Journalist recently posted: Review | Death Marked by Leah Cypess
    1. Same here! I think I’m pretty good at replying to comments. I still don’t force myself to do it if I don’t have something to reply back with, but most of the time I can think of something.

  7. Ashley, your idea of blogging is so coherent! As I’m entering in this fascinating world, you’re definitely my guide πŸ˜€

  8. I really do try to comment back, when I can. And since I am kind of hard on myself, that is pretty much all the time πŸ˜‰ But I agree with you, if I really have nothing to say, I WON’T leave some generic comment. Honestly, why bother? I have seen those on my posts and it just seems like fishing for comments when I see “great post, here’s my latest”. So no, I don’t bother with those, and I don’t comment if I genuinely can’t find something to comment on. That said, I usually DO find something of interest on any given blog (unless I am really incompatible with the genre, or it’s all promo or whatever). I will admit though, it gets hard to comment back at some point. The comments are simply too numerous, and I am spending hours and hours commenting back, which I know will have to change at some point, or I will never sleep again! I enjoy reading your posts like this because they usually remind me that it is okay to calm the hell down, so thanks for that πŸ™‚

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted: The Impossible Choice of Book Favorites
    1. Yeah, time is another great point. I already have a hard time finding enough hours in the day to get all my stuff done. If I also have to factor in commenting on tons of blogs just to be polite… well, I’ll get even less done!

  9. I actually always comment back to everyone… even if it;s just thanks for stopping by. I think it lets people know you read the comment. I WILL SAY though the number of people who actually come back and read my comments to them are probably like 10%. I think a comment system like Disqus helps with that because then people are notified about comments. Comment systems like Blogger doesn’t let people know unless they subscribe and that annoys people I think.

    Angie@Angela's Anxious Life recently posted: Comic Adventures Issue #20
    1. Oh, well I do reply to peoples’ comments on my blog. As long as I have something to respond to, I do make an effort to reply. I just meant that I usually don’t visit their blog in return to then comment on one of their posts.

  10. I try to at least stop by and say hello, maybe share a post if I don’t have anything to say. Like Sharon said, it helps build friendships.

  11. I try to comment back, but if there isn’t anything interesting, I usually give up. At least I gave that click-through! I just don’t feel sincere about a “nice post” kind of comment. Because I like to respond to comments on my blog and what else can you really say back than thanks?! Leaving comments also kind of drives me crazy because of all the different commenting systems, but that is a whole other post.

    Anne recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday: All-star books
    1. Yeah I don’t feel sincere when I do that either, Anne. It just sounds so hollow to me, and I don’t want to be hollow! πŸ™

  12. Sometimes I get intimidated if a post I want to comment on has like 30+ comments…then I’m afraid mine will just get lost in the crowd and the blogger won’t reply if I don’t have anything truly unique to say.
    If someone’s commenting on my blog for an event, say, the Love-a-thon, then I’ll definitely try to go to their blog and see if anything makes me want to comment. But generally, I’ll comment if I see their post on Bloglovin’ or something and I have something actually meaningful to say.

    Alicia Notarainni recently posted: Exaltation by Jamie Magee
    1. I know what you mean Alicia. I feel that way sometimes too, especially if I see that NONE of the comments have been replied to. It makes me question if they’ve even been read. Of course, that’s probably not fair of me to think. For instance, for the last 12 hours none of the comments here had been replied to, but I read every single one and then started replying when I woke up hours later.

  13. I always comment back. It’s just what makes me feel comfortable. If someone reads my post, I want to return the favor. Even if it’s a post I wouldn’t usually read, I try it out. If I have nothing to say, I will just say: “I enjoyed your review” or something to that effect. Some people get upset with short comments, but if I have nothing significant to say, I still want to acknowledge that I read their post because I appreciate when people do that on my blog. Not every comment has to be a gem, but taking the time to read and comment is important to me.

    Jennifer Bielman @ Bad Bird Reads recently posted: Review: Forbidden Blood by R.L. Kenderson
    1. I think it’s great that you do that, Jennifer. I kind of wish I could be one of those people because it seems like such a kind thing to do and I’m sure the bloggers really appreciate it. I just have such a hard time with it.

    1. I also make an effort to reply to the comments. πŸ™‚ I don’t force myself, like if there’s nothing for me to really respond to in the comment then I won’t do it. But MOST of the time I can easily find something to say.

  14. I try to comment. Occasionally, I’ve visited a site hoping to comment and the material was so offensive that I couldn’t attach my name to anything there. But in general, I like comments so when someone leaves me one, I want to do something nice for them too.

    Runwright recently posted: Running Pictures
    1. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever stopped by an offensive blog. But I have definitely had situations where I looked around and just couldn’t find any posts that interested me. πŸ™

  15. I always respond to comments on my blog, but I don’t generally try to comment back on the other blogger’s posts. If I notice someone has been commenting on my blog a lot, THEN I’ll go check out their blog, but I agree with you that sometimes it’s really difficult to find a post I want to comment on. Maybe I just don’t know anything about the books they’ve been reviewing recently, for instance. And then I’m stuck either simply not commenting or saying something somewhat forced out of a sense of obligation to comment back.

    1. Yeah I try to respond to comments on my blog as well. I definitely like interacting with people here. πŸ™‚

  16. I actually agree with you, except that I still like commenting back. It feels like a conversation. I do ALWAYS click on the links to visit their blogs. If I have something to comment on them I do. If not I see if I like them and their topic choices, I follow and comment some other time. Basically no pressure.

    Marisabel Munoz recently posted: Top 10 Tuesday (Week 10/2015)
    1. I make an effort to reply to comments on my blog. I love feeling like I’m chatting with people! I just have a hard time visiting their blogs and commenting on one of THEIR posts. Sometimes I do it, but other times I just can’t think of anything to say (even if I read and love the post) or I can’t even find a post that interests me (which isn’t their fault, it just means it’s not clicking with me).

  17. That’s a very good point of yours! I try to comment on most blogs that comment on mine and I’m happy about that as I have as I’ve discovered some fabulous new blogs that way! But there have been times where I visit a blog and I don’t know what exactly to say as I can’t relate to the content or the post doesn’t resonate with me, but I’ll still try to comment something unless it’s a post that I really have no idea at all what to say. So I think it depends, but I mostly comment back! πŸ˜€

    Fabulous post, Ashley! <3

    1. Yeah, it’s tough! Sometimes I do feel bad because I would LIKE to be able to comment or enjoy their content. This is especially the case if someone comments on my blog A LOT. I wish I could return the favour. But it’s hard to force it, you know?

  18. I don’t always comment back. I’ll almost always visit the blogs of people that comment because I want to check their blog and content out too. And sometimes/often see a post that I really want to comment on and I will. But if I don’t really have anything special to say, I won’t comment.

    I never comment on someone else’s blog so they’ll comment on mine. I always comment out of interest, because I enjoy their post and have something to say. So if I comment on anyone’s posts, there is no way you have to feel obliged to comment back! πŸ˜€

    Jolien @ The Fictional Reader recently posted: Review: Vision in Silver (The Others #3) by Anne Bishop
    1. It’s wonderful that you comment out of a genuine interest, Jolien! I think that can be easily recognized by the quality of the comments you leave (like this one!). If someone comments just saying “great post” or “awesome review” and nothing else, then it sounds like a comment just for the sake of it, you know?

      I tend to use CommentLuv a lot when it comes to looking at other peoples’ blogs. If the recent post sounds interesting, I’ll check it out. If I like that post, I’ll go browsing around for more! I don’t always leave a comment, but I like having CommentLuv there to highlight a recent post.

  19. Karolina and I used to be part of the “Comment Back” group and had the logo on our profile and everything. But now we’ve grown as a blog (from 60 followers to 300 in little over half a year!) and we’re getting a lot more comments now. I appreciate every single comment, but like you said, I don’t want to feel obligated to return the favour. I do comment back sometimes, but I’ll do it if I want to, not because I feel I should. πŸ™‚

    Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections recently posted: Book vs Movie: Gone Girl
    1. I’m not sure if your group was like this, but I’ve seen a few “comment exchange” programmes that work like this:

      1. You sign up.
      2. Every once in a while you receive an email with an assignment. You are given a blog that you have to comment on.
      3. If you don’t comment, you’re out of the group.
      4. In exchange, your link is sent to another person, who also has to comment.

      I personally REALLY don’t like programmes like this! πŸ™ They take the whole genuine factor out of commenting. You literally HAVE to comment, whether you want to or not.

      1. Oh no, it was nothing like that. At least, not that I know of. We were simply on a list of “Bloggers Commenting Back” and we had a logo on our blog that said “We Comment Back” or something like that. I wouldn’t like a programme like that either! It feels like too much of an obligation. Commenting should be because you want to engage in a discussion, or even simply to let the person know you enjoyed their post. Not because you expect them to comment back.

        Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections recently posted: Book vs Movie: Gone Girl
  20. I think this is a bit pointless custom, the same as you follow me and I will follow you. Comments left this way are usually empty (great review, sounds interesting etc).
    I comment on the blogs I follow and on some of their posts when I have something to say (and time to comment). I do not expect those people to comment on my blog, although I like when they sometimes respond to my comment on their blog.

    1. That’s a great comparison. “You follow me and I will follow you” is SO POINTLESS. You don’t get real followers that way, you just get someone who clicked a button. That doesn’t mean they’ll actually read your posts, which should be the goal.

      Comments can be the same way. Someone can leave a comment saying “Great post” without actually reading the post. Or even if they do read it, “Great post” is a pretty hollow comment. It doesn’t have much meaning or significance.

      1. I agree. The goal is for people to read your posts and have genuine reaction/comments.

        ‘Great post’ is the type of comments I hate. It can be written on anything. It screams that they didn’t read your post and are only commenting to create traffic to their blog. I usually do not even reply to these type of comments.

  21. This is a tough one. I like to try to comment back; if a comment made me happy, I’m sure the other person would love one, too. And through commenting back, I’ve found blogs I follow and made some great blogger friends.

    At the same time, sometimes I click through to another person’s blog and I just don’t have anything to say. Either none of the posts grab me or, like you, I feel like I have to force myself to write something…which is no fun. I do reply to every comment left on my blog, so I guess I hope that’s enough in conjunction with the content to keep people coming back?

    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted: Top 10 Favorite Books of the Last 3 Years
  22. I usually only visit the other person’s blog if they’re a repeat commenter (i.e. loyal reader) or if their comment makes me think that they’re an interesting person. But if I get to their blog and see nothing I can comment on, I don’t force myself to reciprocate. I don’t think it’s worth it.

    Abria @ Bee Splendid recently posted: Floor Plans for Writers & Creatives
  23. I used to comment back when I was a newbie blogger because I felt like it created connections and I enjoyed discovering those who had discovered my blog. Now, though, I don’t do it at all. Not because I don’t think the people who comment on my blog have interesting things of their own, but more because I just don’t have time. I don’t get tons of comments anymore anyway but when I barely have time to post, I have a hard time finding time to comment back on others’ blogs.

    That being said, I do try to make sure that I respond to comments whenever they are left. I feel like that at least tells the commenter that “hey, I appreciate your comment and hope you’ll come chat again.” If I see someone is actively commenting on my stuff, then I’ll usually go over to their blog and check it out. Who knows? It could be a new friend! But as for commenting back just for the sake of it, nah… not my style anymore.

    Candice @ The Grown-Up YA recently posted: 2015 Challenges: February Wrap-up
  24. I feel like I fall in some weird middle ground despite having the button in my sidebar, haha. Often when I’m reading through the blogs I follow, I’m going quickly and don’t have energy or time to comment on posts that might possibly interest me. This happens especially with reviews where if I was in a better mindstate, I’d comment gushing or griping with the reviewer. Since I respond to comments on my blog in large chunks generally and when I’m home with several hours devoted to the task, commenting back works as a way for me to look through the posts of a blog and see the posts that I would have commented on earlier and actually comment. There are a couple of regular commenters on my blog that I just can never see a post I like and I feel a little bad, but I don’t stress myself out about it. I generally just scroll through the first page of posts and if something catches my eye, I go to the extra effort that I couldn’t make before. Weird place in between?

    Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings recently posted: Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley Giveaway!
  25. Yes, exactly. I like to comment. I like to comment back when I can. However, I don’t feel the need to FORCE myself to do so. Sometimes there is really nothing that I desire to comment on or nothing I want to read. I comment on what I want to. I don’t comment on every post I read. Even with blogs I love, I pick and choose which posts I read. It’s not to be mean or anything, but my time is limited and I’m only going to read and comment on the posts I want to read and comment on. Great post!

    Kelsey Gulick recently posted: Smelling Books
  26. I’m a nightmare with commenting back, even when I really mean to do so, I normally forget or run out of time! I do try not to comment just for the sake of things though, I’d rather comment on something I really feel strongly about, instead of leaving a half-hearted comment about how great I thought the post was.

    Hollie recently posted: March Goals
  27. I’m more or less on the fence about it, and it depends. I definitely receive comments where it feels like the effort I put into writing a post completely went to waste — the person leaves a one or two sentence comment about something largely mentioned, and completely ignores everything else. But for whatever reason, I still find myself taking the time to return their comment.

    I think it’s because for a large portion of my blogging “career” I was a life(style) blogger, and at the time there was a lot of commenting back going on. I think it’s just an ingrained habit to comment back on other blogs, even if I don’t necessarily have much to say. But I also enjoy it because a lot of times I stumble upon blogs I wouldn’t have found otherwise, and that’s rewarding. πŸ˜›

    Sydney recently posted: Hello, Birthday Month (aka March)!
  28. I have mixed feelings on this topic…. I don’t comment back JUST because someone commented on my blog. It sounds terrible, but I just don’t have time. If I comment on a blog, it’s because I follow that blog and because I have something to say.
    I do try to at least reply to comments on my blog, when I have time. But that doesn’t always happen. You can always tell when people comment just to get a comment back. The comments are always short and impersonal and something like ‘great review, I’ll check out the book!’ Or those comments who clearly don’t read your post or review. I think I’d rather not have a comment.
    On the other hand, if I comment on a blog several times but I NEVER ever get at least a reply every, I get annoyed and unfollow or keep following but just stop commenting. I know people are super busy, but at least a reply or comment is nice every once in a while.

    Nereyda Gonzalez recently posted: Audiobook Review: Sanctum by Sarah Fine!
  29. I usually comment back(at least if I like a post), just because it’s the only way I can think of to let people know I actually read their post, and I know I like knowing when my posts are being read. So even if it’s just a quick “nice post”, I like to let the blogger know I took the time to read the post they took the time to write. So it’s not just “commenting back”, it’s pretty much commenting whenever I read a blog post I like, no matter if the blogger has commented on my blog or not.

    Felicia Jafari Østerlund recently posted: Chapter 43: How I knew I had my last chance
  30. This is such a great discussion because there are such varied thoughts on commenting back! I, personally, try to always comment back, mostly because I love the back and forth interaction and I feel like I really get to form relationships with bloggers this way and get to know them. I also know that a lot of the smaller bloggers who comment on my blog genuinely get excited about each and every comment and really appreciate a comment back. I really try to never leave just a “great review” comment though – I always try to make an effort to find a post that I genuinely have something to say about (even if it’s a recent TTT post or something – those are always easy to comment on!). AND I’ve found that commenting back on every comment is getting to be a bit of an impossibility lately just because it would take me hours. So, I just do my very best and hope that I hit everyone at some point (and if I have an extended period of time I’ll do a little commenting back marathon!) πŸ™‚

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted: Why I LOVE Books that Make Me Cry – Let’s Discuss
  31. this post made me laugh. I dislike when people are comment backers. While I appreciate their effort, if you have no interest in my blog don’t bother. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if I comment on your blog because I like yours but you don’t like or have time for my blog. Geez we are all adults, right? I do like to respond to people’s comments on my blog. I like the interaction.

    1. I love your view on this, Bree. “If you have no interest in my blog don’t bother.” Love that! And I totally agree.

  32. I try to comment back on all comments to my own blog. Sometimes I have nothing to reply with even there though. I like to comment to other people’s blogs. I mean, they take the time to comment to mine, but it just doesn’t always happen. Everyone has different tastes and often times, someone who follows me blogs about things that I have no interest in at all.

    Ariel @ Fictively recently posted: Life of a Blogger: Freebie / Significant Other
  33. I don’t have the time to check everyone out, but I wish I could! Even then, though, it’s going to end up being an obligation to me. I don’t want that. It’s even harder when they’re so sweet on my blog and I want to return the favor and follow them, but I don’t like their blog. That makes me sad.

    Just let people do what they want, and I know you do do what you said here. When you comment on my blog, you are so informative and it’s just woah.

    Shannelle C. recently posted: Why Haven’t You Watched The Librarians Yet?
    1. Thanks Shannelle! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you think so!

      I agree with you—it makes me sad when someone is SO FREAKIN’ SWEET and comments on my blog all the time, but I don’t like their blog. It literally makes me want to curl up and hide or something. I really WANT to be able to comment back and be BFFs with them, but I just can’t do it. πŸ™

  34. Exactly this. Sometimes I’ll comment on someone’s post b/c I genuinely had something to say and they’ll comment back, but it’s clearly out of obligation and they don’t really have a genuine interest in what I’ve posted. That’s more “upsetting” for me than getting no comments at all. Like, just because I like your blog doesn’t mean you have to like mine. That’s life, and I’m an adult and can handle that fine. But I feel sort of like a charity case or something if someone comments back out of obligation, you know?

    Renae @ Respiring Thoughts recently posted: Leafing Through Lit: Robinson Crusoe
  35. Sometimes I get comments on my blog and you already know they were only posted, because they want a comment back. I certainly don’t pay any attention to those. I

    only leave comments when I feel I have something to say and I expect the same back from everyone else πŸ™‚ If you only comment to get comments back, you are doing it wrong.

    And I agree, I have a couple of blogs that just doesn’t click with me. It would be fake to comment there only for the idea.

  36. I like your take… everything you read for starting a new blog says make genuine comments on other people’s blogs and create conversation and in turn, it will increase your own blog traffic. So out I went and tried to comment – but seriously I cannot fake a love of fantasy fiction. I don’t mind it but it seems to me there are MANY fantasy fiction review sites & these have an audience and commentators – but it just won’t be me! So if I find something that interests me, or want to know more about a book I will ask a blogger, but I’m not making conversation just for the sake of it like I don’t in the rest of my life!

  37. When I get a comment on my blog,I always make sure to visit that person’s blog.But that doesn’t mean I comment on everyone of them.If I find the blog interesting,I comment on a few posts,and go on to follow them.But if I don’t,I’ll just ignore that blog.I do this because, I am a fairly new blogger and this way I can discover more blogs and make more connections.
    But I can totally understand your situation,and I totally support your method!

  38. I totally agree with you, Ashley. I will always check out the blogs of the people who comment (since mine are few and far between), because I’m always looking for new blogs to read, but sometimes I don’t always have something to say. So I don’t say anything.

    I’d much rather chat with you here in the comments or via Twitter etc, rather than play comment tag. That’s just an easy way to try and get comments, I think.

    The Book Geek recently posted: The DUFF by Kody Keplinger
  39. I usually TRY to comment back, but am not super successful with it! The main problem is most of the people who comment on my blog seem to have the Google comment form and my login information never works with it! I get so frustrated when I try to comment that I end up abandoning the process.

    Lauren Ransom recently posted: Review: Only Everything
  40. I do have a I am often guilty of not responding back to people.I do have a piece at the bottom of my blog which says I try to comment and reply. Having said that I am lucky, or unlucky depending on your point of view, as I never get many more than 6 comments so haven’t got alot of work to do in responding. I try to respond by email if the commenter has it as I find that some bloggers read and comment but don’t actually blog very frequently. I also feel it give a personal touch. As I said I don’t have too many commentators so that’s not too difficult to keep up with.
    I do find it a bit annoying at times when you visit someone’s blog regularly and the blogger doesn’t even visit you in returno f respond to ur blog, I mean it’s not exactly hard to think of something to say to a blogpost is it really? I do comment on bloggers who get thousands of responses so I’m not expecting a reply from them but I have sometimes been surprised when they’ve tweeted back a response when I’be blogged about their work or a product for example. Maybe it’s simply a matter of personal choice like you said. I do love the fact that this blogpost has raised alot of really good conversations about the subject and that you wrote it as I think it explains how other bloggers may feel too,
    Jo xx

    Jo recently posted: Solar eclipse - 20 March 2015
  41. I comment back if it’s a comment on a meme, because I don’t visit all those people, but I do want to visit those who visit me. I comment back to answer questions, or build on a comment, and I mostly do this because I am trying to build a true community and not just people who stop in and leave a couple of words.

    1. I always reply to questions and do my best to reply to comments here on my blog. πŸ™‚ One of my pet peeves if when I actually ask a question on someone’s blog and they never even respond to it!

  42. I totally agree. It’s just weird πŸ™‚

    Whenever I have a new comment (and I have almost none since my blog is not very active) I like to take a peek to the website of the commenter. Of course, if I find something of interest I may leave a comment but if it’s not the case I won’t. And that’s OK.

    My rule is: If the answer it’s longer than a tweet, leave a comment πŸ™‚

    Myddna recently posted: Fiora Morrosucio
  43. Some days, I feel that people comment to ensure others can tap on their name visit their locales. Regardless, that favors of me. I do believe others don’t see my remarks as a ploy to have others visit my site. I have been blogging for around nine months, understanding others web journals for a long time. Still, I don’t recognize what is authentic.

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