Complete Book Blogger Survey – 2013 (Win $40 Amazon Gift Card!)

Complete Book Blogger Survey - 2013

I always thought it’d be interesting to have a massive amount of statistics about my fellow book bloggers.. and here’s my chance!

I’ve compiled a survey that is aimed at both book bloggers and readers of book bloggers—both may enter! I plan on letting this survey run for a few weeks and then I will compile and post the results so you can all enjoy them!

As a little incentive, everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a raffle to win a $40 Amazon Gift Card! Simply fill out the survey, select “Yes” to be entered into the giveaway, and leave me your e-mail address. Thanks for participating! 😀

The survey has been closed and the results are in! Check out part 1 (book bloggers) and part 2 (the blogosphere).
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    1. I’m a bit of a statistics whore. I love numbers and seeing how many people think a certain way or hold a certain belief, etc. I’ve always kind of wanted to do this, but I think I wanted to hold off until I felt that I had a good enough readership to actually poll enough people. Because obviously the more people you get to participate, the more accurate the overall numbers will be. 😛

  1. It didn’t give me a chance to get into detail but I loathe captcha because I get blogger updates in email form and usually read on my phone. Blogger hates my phone and will not let me comment. It gets frustrating.

    1. Maybe! Like, when I was brand new to blogging I would always link up my memes and then visit like 100 other blogs to check out their memes and they’d come visit mine, etc. so my page views for those memes were always through the roof. But now I don’t do that anymore so I get less page views on my memes than I used to.

      Or, if you were on Blogger when you first started and used the Blogger page view stats back then, then that could also explain it. Blogger’s page view tracker is very inaccurate compared to Google Analytics. The numbers are bloated and are usually quite a bit higher than the page views you actually get.

  2. Great survey. The motivations for blogging was really a tough question to answer honestly (that’s important in of itself). I’m not sure what a “meme” is but I’m going to have to find out now!

  3. Weeee! I love the survey. Makes me think about my whole blog. The memes are actually the ones which spike my weekly pageviews. And I just confirmed for myself that I really enjoyed reading snarky and ranty negative reviews. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

    And thank you for the very very generous giveaway, Ashley!

    Charlotte recently posted: Book Review: Ravenous
  4. Great survey Ashley! Can’t wait to see what others say. The comment platform was interesting to me. I like WordPress’ built in feature best for my own blog, but as a commenter, I find it irksome to have to subscribe to the entire thread just to see if the blogger responds to my comment.

    Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews recently posted: LOTR Readalong: Week 4
    1. I guess when someone is on WordPress, it’s up to the blog owner to install good plugins to support the built-in system! For example, Comment Reply Notification. That plugin automatically e-mails the commenter when you reply to them (without the commenter having to subscribe to anything). Everyone on WordPress should have that plugin installed! *starts a campaign*

    1. Absolutely! I’ll probably let it run for at least another week, then I’ll start compiling the results. 🙂

  5. Hi Ashley, I know I’m dumb, but where do I find the survey? I’d like to participate as a book blog reader (and sometime book blogger), but I must have left my brain in bed this morning as I can’t figure it out!

    1. It seems to not like Safari for some reason, so you’ll have to switch to a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox! Sorry. 🙁

  6. I loved that survey and I have to agree with Tanya and there should have a option for N/A or I don’t care or It’s not my thing. I am blogging for me and not anyone else. I love the feedback and the followers but if they all left today I would still keep my blog going.
    Thanks! Looking forward to the answers.

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