I’m Honeymooning in Egypt!


Coding God and I are currently in EGYPT for our honeymoon! We got married in July but held off on our honeymoon until now in hopes of catching slightly cooler weather in Egypt.

We’ll be gone until about the 13th, so I won’t be posting anything until we get back. But not to worry, I’ll have plenty of AWESOME photos for you when I return!

Abercrombie & Kent Egypt tour

Did you see my NetGalley interview?

On a totally unrelated note, NetGalley interviewed me on their Tumblr blog a few days ago. Check out the interview to see some of my favourite covers, reviews, and get some blog name advice!

View the NetGalley Blogger Spotlight

See you all in a couple weeks!

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  1. So exciting! Congrats again to you and your husband! Hope you both have a fantastic trip to Egypt, and I’ll definitely check out that interview. πŸ™‚

  2. Egypt is on my bucket list! I love the history so much I took an Egyptian history class in college and it was interesting but one of the hardest classes I had (we had to memorize all the kings and identify the mummies lol). Have a safe and fun honeymoon! We can’t wait to see your pictures!

    Kathy A. recently posted: Cover Reveal – Tears For Tomorrow
  3. I DID see your netgalley interview, it was great! πŸ™‚

    AND CONGRATS! ENJOY EGYPT! I wanna go to Africa ):

  4. Wow! I hope you are having a grand time! I have always wanted to visit Egypt and all the ancient sites. Studying Ancient Egypt is a hobby of mine and I have various items that were made in Cairo. Not to mention, my engagement ring is an Ankh.

    Safe travels and I hope you write about your adventures. By the way, beautiful wedding picture! πŸ˜€

    Julie at Being Home recently posted: Organizing Screws, Nails, and Whatchamacallits.

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