A New Server & Book Blogger WordPress Hosting

A New Server & Book Blogger WordPress Hosting

I’ve moved my sites to a new server!

I purchased a very expensive, but wonderful new server. I’ve been moving all my sites from my old server to my new server and it’s AMAZING! The new server has a totally different setup, the main difference being that I’m using Nginx instead of Apache. This makes my sites BLAZINGLY FAST! I did a before and after test on Nose Graze and my site’s load time got cut in half!

Nose Graze site speed cut in half (from 2.26s to 1.13s)
Click to Enlarge

This server is the same one I will be using for my new WordPress web hosting for book bloggers service!

WordPress hosting for book bloggers

Book Host

Some of you may remember when I asked if you’d be interested in cheap web hosting for book bloggers back in November. Well I’m pleased to say that IT’S HAPPENING!

I’m currently in the process of setting up Book Host. It’s going to be managed WordPress hosting catered specifically to book bloggers. The server will be optimized for WordPress using Nginx (see above about epic site speeds!), come with pre-installed plugins, you’ll get instant access to Creative Whim plugins and themes, and you’ll get premium customer support from a WordPress guru!

Right now my tentative launch date is early/mid March. I will be offering free Blogger to WordPress migrations for the first 10 signups after launch.

If you want to stay updated, I recommend subscribing to the mailing list on the website: http://bookhost.io/

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  1. Heh. I just went to sign up and it said i was already subscribed. So you can tell I’m VERY interested in this. 😀 😀

    1. Oh yeah, I remember your email already being on from the initial “notify me” survey. 🙂 I’ll be super glad to have you on board!

    1. It’s easy to copy over your header and background image. And some themes will allow you to change details like font colours, link colours, etc.

      If you want to have your exact same design copied over to WordPress, that costs money because the whole theme has to be re-coded (but in the end it will look exactly the same). So you’d have to hire someone to do that for you! (It’s a service I offer.)

  2. I’m really looking forward to joining you. I just love the idea plus it would be super nice to have everything at a place that understands hosting and wordpress. I’m still very new to wordpress. Not to mention having access to all of your themes and plugins just rocks.

    I was wondering though, will I have to go back through and upload all of my book reviews all over again? Or will I just be able to transfer my site somehow? Just thinking of adding all my books again makes me want to cry. But I’d totally do it if I have to.

    May I share a link to this page with others on my blog/booklikes blog/Facebook fan page? I don’t have a lot of viewers yet but there may be some people out there who would love to join up or are looking to make the jump from blogger to wordpress.

    Jamie Pinson recently posted: West of Hell Omnibus Edition – Jason Brant
    1. You shouldn’t have to re-add any content. 🙂 WordPress comes with a built-in “export” and “import” feature. So you would “export” all of your site content from your current WordPress site, then “import” it into your new site on my hosting. And then you’d transfer your domain over to point at the new site.

      The only thing you’d have to do is re-do your theme settings. But all of your posts, pages, comments, and images can be transferred over basically instantly!

      I will be writing a detailed guide on how to move from an existing host to my hosting business. Or for those who prefer not to do it themselves, I would do it for them for a small one-time fee (like $20).

      And yes, you’re certainly welcome to share this page. 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 It’s definitely been a lot of work to set up so far. I think it will all pay off as long as I have enough people who are interested!

  3. AHHH! I’m so excited yet conflicted about this!! xD You’re really tempting me to switch over Ashley… anyway I think I signed up really early before the site was up so I think I should be on the mailing list :3 I really cannot say how much this is such a wonderful and exciting idea, Ashley!! 😀

    Emily recently posted: What Was Your Gateway Into YA?
    1. No it wouldn’t be cloud hosting. It’s on a dedicated server. I’m not really sure if my setup would be ideal for you, primarily because I’ll be running everything from one big multisite installation. But there are definitely some options I could recommend for you.

      For example, I assume your problem is that you’re running out of RAM on your VPS (which causes your site to get slow or even go down entirely). I don’t know what package you’re using with KnownHost, but they don’t offer a lot of RAM for a good price. This is because they’re a *managed* host. To put it in perspective, KnownHost offers 1.5GB of RAM for $35 p/month. Before I moved to this new server, I was paying $39.99 per month for 8GB of RAM. The difference? I had an unmanaged dedicated server.

      Unmanaged basically means you have no support team, so usually it’s not something I usually recommend to someone who can’t manage a server themselves.

      But if you want to get optimal performance and save money, it might be worth looking into moving to an unmanaged VPS or dedicated server. You could triple (or more) your server resources and pay the same price you’re paying now.

      If this is something you’re interested in, you could hire my fiancé to set up the entire server for you (which is something a “managed” host would usually do for you) and migrate over your site. You can email me if you want to chat about it some more!

      1. I figured it probably wouldn’t be a good thing for us. And yes, we are running out of memory a lot, particularly on days with traffic spike. I might have to take you up on the managed server thing because something has to be done. I’ll be shooting you an email!

        Steph Sinclair recently posted: National Give Kat a Hug Day
  4. I’ve been thinking about moving to self-hosted WordPress for a while now. I said that if I made it to my first blogoversary, I would make the move, but honestly, now you’ve created your own hosting service, I think I’ll be moving sooner. Looking forward to it!

    Nikki @ The Paper Sea recently posted: Book Review: Code Name Verity

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