How Best to Configure the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

I just read your article on focus keywords and you said that the focus keyword does not affect your SEO. So the YOAST plugin is not really an SEO optimizer, but rather an SEO analyzer? I know with Google’s Hummingbird update that meta-tags are not […]

How to Display WordPress Posts in 2 or 3 Columns

Hello! This is more advanced but I was wondering if you could do a PHP tutorial on how to split posts into two or three columns on the home page? Kind of like: Thank you! I’m going to do my best to answer this […]

Do You Need to Worry about Failed Login Attempts? (iThemes Security)

I’ve been receiving tons of notifications about bad login attempts from users. Should I be worried? I’m currently using iThemes security. Thanks, Ashley! Della Hi Della! People are going to try to gain access to your blog for malicious reasons. That’s just a fact. If […]

Where to Find High Quality Book Cover Images

Hi Ashley! I was wondering how/where you manage to get ahold of the high quality book covers for your reviews and posts. I can only find smaller, poorer quality images of the covers – which is frustrating when I’m trying to create banners and blog […]

How to Create Your Own Social Media Icons

I’m going to walk you through how to create your own social media icons for your blog. You can create icons that match your design, even if just by using the colours in your palette. 🙂 Requirements Photoshop: I suppose this isn’t really required but […]

Goodreads Reviews Can Outrank Your Blog Reviews

Like many bloggers, I cross-post my reviews. I post them on Nose Graze, Goodreads, and sometimes Amazon. A few months ago, someone asked me if cross-posting book reviews will hurt your SEO. At the time, I did a lot of research before answering that question. […]

10 Free Photoshop Brushes for Design & Painting

I’m going to share 10 free brushes that you can install and use in Photoshop. I didn’t create any of these brushes myself, but I have used them all and created an example graphic for each one! Brushes Pack .05 – Watercolor by MyShinyBoy These […]

How to Not Get Locked Out of Your Blog (iThemes Security)

This post focuses on WordPress lockouts when using the iThemes Security plugin. First I’m going to talk about how you could accidentally get locked out of your blog, then how to remove that lockout, then after covering that, I’ll talk about how to avoid it […]

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