The Difference between, Premium, and Self Hosted

The Difference between, Premium, and Self Hosted with a custom domain. Premium / self-hosted What the hell is the difference between all these?? The WordPress differences are confusing. It’s all because there’s a and a and they look the same except for the end of the […]

How to Choose a Blogging Platform That’s Right for You

How to Choose a Blogging Platform That’s Right for You

Let the Blogger vs WordPress war begin! 😈 Seriously though. Choosing the right platform is hard. And while I’m a ridiculously strong advocate of WordPress, I accept that it might not be the right choice for everyone. So today we’re going to figure out which […]

Should You Start a Blog on Blogger or WordPress?

Hi, I’ve come across your blog today—nice!—in search of solutions to improving my Blogger blog for my novel series. I have a basic question for you: Which is better, Blogger or WordPress? I’m not keen to switch to WordPress, but if you think it would […]

Squarespace vs WordPress – Why WordPress Wins

This article compares Squarespace to, not I don’t consider myself well-versed in Squarespace, so I’m not really qualified to give a completely thorough and accurate comparison of the two platforms. But I recently had to maneuver around Squarespace for the first time, coincidentally […]

Moving From Blogger to – Does it cost anything & should you do it?

Before we get into the main question this week, I’m going to answer a pre-question! What’s the difference between and and both use the same WordPress blogging platform. The difference is that is free and is not. With, […]

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