Posts Without Dates Piss Me Off

Posts Without Dates Piss Me Off

There seems to be a new trend in the online world and that is not including dates on blog posts. I HATE IT! What the hell is up with this? I’m not against reading old blog posts, but I like to be aware of how […]

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blog Name + Free Worksheet

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blog Name + Free Worksheet

This isn’t my first post on how to choose a good blog name but I think I have some new points I can make for this series on how to start a blog. Choosing a name is probably the single hardest part about starting a […]

Review: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Review: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Upon starting Girl Online, my first impressions were: This author uses way too many exclamation marks. This book feels extremely childish. I eventually got over that first point. Well, either I “got over” it or the author stopped using so many exclamation marks… But that […]

Can You Manage More Than One Blog?

I’ve seen more and more bloggers lately talking about starting a second blog (for writing, personal stuff, or something else). I am in complete awe of anyone who can manage more than one blog! I just can’t keep up with more than one There have […]

Posts I Wasn’t Inspired to Finish

There are few better things than publishing an awesome/successful blog post. But for every blog post that I publish, I have a post that I DIDN’T finish. I lost inspiration, or couldn’t figure out what to say. Whatever it was, SOMETHING caused me not to […]

What Kind of Blogger am I?

I don’t know what kind of blogger I am. I’m not sure that I’m really a “book blogger” since I don’t only blog about books, so it feels weird to put myself under that umbrella. I don’t think I’m a web design blogger because I […]

What to Use as Tags for Your Blog Posts

When adding labels/tags to blog posts, which do you think are necessary? Do you think it’s necessary to have a label for every book series mentioned on the blog, etc, such as ‘Divergent’ ‘The Hunger Games’? I’ve had my blog for a few years but […]

How to Write Discussion Posts

Hi Ashley. I’m a huge fan-girl of your blog and find all your posts to be interesting. You have inspired me to start my own blog, but I can’t seem to find really good discussion posts. Everytime I have an idea and try to write […]

Restructuring Your Blog

I’ve been thinking a lot about Nose Graze and where it’s headed. I recently talked about why we should stop being obsessed with ‘features’ on our blogs, but that has also gotten me thinking about my category structure on Nose Graze. I have a lot […]

I Don’t “Manage” Blogging – I’m a Mood Lifer

I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately that are titled things like: How do you manage your reading schedule? How do you make time for blogging? School is starting soon—how do you make time for your blog? Then the posts themselves and the comments […]

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