The Best Way to Sort Review Archives

Hi Ashley! I just wanted to know your view on the best way to sort reviews. Should I do it by author’s last name, first name? Title? Rating?! I would love to do more than one way but I honestly don’t have the time for […]

Which Do You Love More: Reading or Blogging?

I love reading and I love blogging. But even more, I love doing both of those things together! But the other day I got around to wondering: if I had to choose, which one do I love more? I know, I know, it’s like asking […]

Do Blogs Go in and Out of Fashion?

As bloggers, we all have moments of self doubt. We worry that our blogs aren’t good enough or that nobody’s out there actually reading our content or that we’ll never get new readers. It’s very common for bloggers to struggle with this. But here’s a […]

I Hesitate When I Call Nose Graze a “Book Blog”

For the longest time I told people I had a “book blog” or that “I’m a book blogger”. Now, I hesitate before I say that. Yes, I review books, but over the years my blog has changed. I used to ONLY blog about books, and […]

How Well Do You Market Yourself & Your Blog?

I’m not good at marketing myself. This becomes extremely apparent at conventions like BookExpo America. Some bloggers are AWESOME. They walk around handing out business cards, introducing themselves, going up to authors/publicists and saying “Hey! I’m a blogger!” or “Need a new blog design? I’m […]

How Your Environment Affects Your Blogging

Are you more or less productive in certain settings? Or on certain computers? I am! For me, this is mostly true with web design/development work, but it also occasionally applies to blogging: Hardware: I work better on a bigger computer I have two computers: a […]

Do You Let Your Friends & Family Read Your Blog?

Hi, I’m in the middle of creating my blog and I was wondering when did you make yours? Did you have help? And do you let your friends/family read your blog? EM I let my family and friends read my blog Honestly, my blog is […]

Don’t Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley

Don’t Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley

The first thing I noticed about Don’t Call Me Baby was that Imogene’s mom’s blog must have horrible SEO. We get snippets from her blog like: Do you remember when she was born? If you don’t, click HERE. Do you remember when she first walked? […]

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