SEO the Hell out of Your Heading Tags

SEO the Hell out of Your Heading Tags

Heading tags confuse people. The different heading tags (1-6) are often styled in different ways. When someone starts experimenting with their theme, they see the different styles, then associate those tags with design. When they want to use the green uppercase font, they switch to […]

The Best Way to Learn to Code: Building Websites NOW!

How can I learn to code? Where can I learn CSS? What course should I take to learn HTML? How can I learn to make a website? I see these questions a lot. My answer is always the same: Get out there, build a website, […]

How to Create a Scrolling Text Box for Large Chunks of Text

How to Create a Scrolling Text Box for Large Chunks of Text

When we have excerpts or chapter reveals on site I do not like to copy and paste that long doc into a post. I have using a Google Embedder but it can get annoying and glitchy. Is there anyway to add a scrolling text box […]

How to Override Old CSS With New CSS

How to Override Old CSS With New CSS

Mey Ashley. I recently used your tutorial n how to style blockquotes, it was very helpful. But now that I want to change the CSS, I go over to the customize tab in blogger and past in the new CSS with the different background color […]

How to Make Your Blog Future-Proof

You know what’s annoying? When you switch your WordPress theme but none of your old posts match your new design. You have images that no longer match, headings that are the wrong colours and fonts, etc. Luckily, there are two great ways to ensure a […]

How to Style the WordPress Visual Editor

The WordPress visual editor applies styles to certain formats… like headings: That’s not very pretty, is it? What if you could make those styles actually match your theme? This would make the visual editor look more like a real preview of your post. YOU CAN! […]

Goodbye CSS, Hello SCSS

SCSS (Sassy CSS) has been around for a long time now, along with its older version SASS. But I never got into it… until now! SCSS is like CSS with better formatting SCSS is sort of a different kind of CSS. It’s similar code and […]

How to Customize Heading Tags With CSS

Hi Ashley! I was just wondering if you knew of a tutorial on how to customize heading tags? (h1, h2, etc.) I can’t seem to find any that worked online! This will require a bit of CSS knowledge, but for the most part it’s pretty […]

How to Use Font Awesome in Lists

If you haven’t already, please read How to Use Font Icons on Your WordPress Blog first. This tutorial requires that you have Font Awesome installed. Jessica sent in the following tutorial request: Hey Ashley, I was wonder how you use icons, such as the heart […]

How to Add Graphical Quotation Marks inside Blockquotes

I would love to know how you made quotation marks frame the text within your blockquotes. Kelly Hi Kelly! There are several ways to do this. You could use multiple background images, but I personally use Font Awesome icons. To get started, read my guide […]

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